Project 3:17

Very little remains of the past communist holdings since The Smiles Foundation from Oradea, Romania purchased the property in Salonta. Their vision is moving forward with The Joint Centers of Love as a top priority. When you walk through the alley way of Smiles in this rural town, you’ll find a scene that is normal in Eastern European terms. The walls are concrete, the paint is chipped and there are three to four different buildings. These are a stark contrast to the old gothic architecture seen in the larger cities of Romania. Instead, they exhibit a cold industrial factory atmosphere. At one point each building served many different purposes during the communist era than the future use, but Smiles has big plans for all of these buildings.

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The Fallout of Faith

They were my parents, doomed to drunkenness, cheating, and poverty. Neither attended school beyond eighth grade but they were never absent long from the bars where my mother drank away her bitterness and hatred for an absent mother and displayed her inspiration on the dance floor.

This is not the gene pool to fish for Sunday school teachers and pillars of the church community. Unless you’re Jesus.

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