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Do you have an inspirational article you’d love to share with our readers?

We are always looking for true, inspiring, motivational, or challenging articles that encourage believers to discover who they are in Jesus Christ, live out their faith, and be salt and light to the world.

Submission Guidelines:

Please see our monthly theme list below and write your submission based on the theme of the month you’d like to be published. Note which theme you’ve chosen in the body of your e-mail and in the header of your article.


Please limit your submission to 750 words per post. Also, please use 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Double space your article. Attach your Word doc to your e-mail. Please include a header in your document with your name, the name of your story, your e-mail address, your word count, and the theme that you’re submitting it for. Please include your 50-word bio in the body of your submission and in the body of your e-mail query.

Before you submit, please ask yourself the following questions about your submission:

How is this going to change the reader’s life? Or, how is it going to make the reader uncomfortable enough that they will do something about it?

Please Note:

Inspire a Fire is a place for readers to be inspired, encouraged, and thoroughly equipped for every good work. In our writing we want to convince, rebuke (in love), exhort, and teach (through the Word of God and godly experiences). We want to treat others the way that we want to be treated: with love and respect. We do not want to discourage, dishonor, disrespect, or damage anyone. This isn’t the place for anger and bitterness, political views, or hate.

Some of our themes are touchy, and we need to be sensitive to the hearts, minds, and feelings of others. Please be aware of this when you are writing your submissions. We will not accept any that don’t respect the vision of this site.

Our mission at Inspire a Fire is to provide authors with a platform-building writing opportunity. Although we are unable to provide monetary compensation, we do wish to promote you with an author bio, photo, and links to your website or blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other Christian site or social network you’d like us to link you to. Please include a small .jpeg photo of yourself, a short bio (50 words), and the top three links you’d like us to feature. Thank you!

Please send submissions to Martin Wiles, Senior Editor, at or Cindy Sproles, Executive Editor at

Please allow at least 3 months for a response.

2021 Themes

January – New Beginnings
February – Love
March – Change
April – All Things New
May – Mothers
June – Fathers
July – Freedom
August – Patience
September – Flavors of Fall
October – Leadership
November – Gratefulness
December – Christmas

2022 Themes

January– Starting Over…Again
February– Love Can Change the World
March– New Life
April– Conquering the Seemingly Unconquerable
May– A Mother’s Love
June– A Father’s Presence
July– The Price of Freedom
August– Peace in the Pain
September– The Making of a Leader
October– When Change Hurts
November– Thanking in All Things
December– How a Savior Changes the World