Senior Editor – Diana Flegal –
Executive Editor – Eddie Jones –

Inspire a Fire’s mission is to offer life giving articles that highlight God’s word in applicable ways that will inspire and encourage believers to be salt and light to a needy world.

We are looking for advanced long-term writers whose work needs little to no editing and who would be willing to make a monthly contribution commitment.

Inspire a Fire is an author-maintained website. Interested writers must be familiar with WordPress (or be willing to learn) so they can post their articles under the appropriate category in a timely manner each month. Please familiarize yourself with our site and format before making your decision.

Each article must fall under one of our category’s (see list below), between 750 and 1500 words, and contain no more than three pictures (not including the feature picture).

We expect our contributors to be sensitive to the hearts, minds, and feelings of others. Posts that don’t respect the heart and vision of this site will be removed. The senior editor shall have the right to edit all articles to ensure they follow our stated guidelines and adhere to all grammatical rules and structure.

Category Headings

Start a Conversation (not an argument)- Creative ways to love our neighbor/family/coworkers/peers

Christian Living- Family/Home and work life/relationships

Culture- A loving response to the world’s need/inspires action/Biblical world view (no politics)

Inspirational- Encouragement for the weary soul/testimonies of God’s faithfulness/a deep drink from the word of God

Monthly Themes

January– New Beginnings
February– Love
March– New Life
April– Facing Life’s challenges with Grace
May– Friendship and Family
 June– God’s Presence
July– Creation’s impact
August– Peace
September– Leadership
October– Change of seasons or times
November– Thankfulness or Worship
December– The difference a Savior makes

Though we are unable to provide monetary compensation to our writers, we allow each writer to feature their author bio, and photo along with links to their website, blog, or other social networking sites.

If you are interested in becoming a monthly contributor, please contact Senior Editor Diana Flegal, at or Eddie Jones, Executive Editor, at Please allow up to three weeks for a response.