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Heaven or Hell

Today I’d like to pose a question. Where do you live? No, I’m not talking about your address, town, state or even country. The question I’m asking has to do with your spiritual address. Let me be a little more specific.

Are you living in Hell or in Heaven?

Bear with me while I give you some background on why I’m asking such an unusual question. I recently heard a statement that I can’t get out of mind. It’s stayed with me, influencing the way I view things. Tighten your seatbelt, I predict it may shake your world a bit, too.

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Are Your Bags Overweight?

I couldn’t help but draw the comparison of the spiritual weight I carry with me daily. The expectations I take up without reason, the stress and worry I add to my load, and of course the guilt. Some of the guilt comes from things I should or shouldn’t have done—true sin. But a lot of it comes from things I just believe I should carry—whether God agrees or not.

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