This Is Know

My index finger pressed against the power button. My head plopped back finding comfort in the sofa cushion as I sought a few moments of relaxation.

The TV came to life. Breaking News lit up the screen causing me to sit upright as my jaw dropped in horror. America had suffered another mass shooting. How could this be? How can the darkness of evil be oozing across our land at such a rapid rate? How do we wrap our minds around the terror that is gripping the world?

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After the Storm came a Hush and After the Hush Came a Song

Ominous, black-stained clouds crept over the mountain ridge. Trees bowed to the ground under the influence of fierce winds as raindrops like bullets shot from the sky. Long, slender fingers of electricity lit up the darkened heavens. One touched the hill across the street with an explosion of intense light. I screamed and quickly ran from the window as my home shuttered against the thunderous boom.

But just as quickly as the midday became midnight, and gentle breeze became fierce winds, the storm moved on.

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How to Rekindle the Flame When Your Light Grows Dim

Speaking the Name of Jesus will rekindle the flame that once burned bright.

Outside the wind is howling. Ice clings to the trees and shrubs — blades of leftover grass crunch beneath my feet. My eyes tear from the sting of the cold making me want to hurry home.

Once inside, I’m warmed by the crackle of the fire. The belly of the woodstove glows with red and orange embers while flames consume the wood and warms our home. I throw a couple more logs in, grab a cup of coffee and curl up on the couch for a few minutes of rest.

As I sit and think, I’m reminded of the winter of the soul — seasons of hardship, loss, sorrow … brokenness. Some days it feels as though the season will never end with its darkened days and veiled light.

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