Preserving to Persevere

I tightened the apron around my waist waiting for my assignment. Mom peered through her glasses perched at the end of her nose, thumbing through the vintage Ball Canning Guide. The sheThe Lord preserves the faithfuler sight of the pressure cooker intimidated me; the stainless steel pot, pressure regulator and steam vents reminded me of contraption from science lab.

Learning to can was on my list of forty new things I wanted to accomplish this year. I   turned forty years old in July, and I decided to celebrate this rite of passage by trying forty new things. Canning was number 39 on my list.

In addition to canning green beans, my mom and I froze or in her words “put up” zucchini, broccoli, kale, and tomatoes.

Images of me and mom canning, freezing, and making strawberry preserves flashed through my mind as I read James 1:12:

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

My brain accidentally swapped the letters ‘r’ and ‘e’ causing me to misread the verse as “Blessed is the one who preserves under trial.”

Preserve verses persevere

Neurons fired electrical impulses in rapid succession as I pondered the oversight.

I was something greater than canning green beans. I dove into God’s Word and researched each reference to the words preserves, persevere, fruit, and harvest and discoPressure cookervered a harvest of blessings.

Planting and Harvesting

Unlike the four distinct seasons in Virginia, our lives consist of a cyclical pattern of two seasons: planting and harvesting, feast or famine. God showed me our faithfulness in one season will produce fruit in another season.

This fruitful harvest can be preserved and stored up to provided nourishment during a lean season of perseverance.

My parents can weather the winter by dining on what was canned during their harvest. We too can persevere in a difficult season by dining on the faithful preserves of God’s promises, if we don’t give up.

If you are interested in discovering a harvest of blessings, click here.


~April Dawn White


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