Giving Up a Child by Angela Collier Hampton

Why would someone give their child up for adoption?

I have heard the whispers for over twenty years. I have only had a few people outright ask me why.

To those who have wondered and have respected me and loved me enough to not pry into a place that I was not ready open, thank you for respecting me and for loving me through the times that I had no words to express what was going on inside of me.

I have never been able to really put the why into words until this past year. I still struggle to find the right words, but there are a few that I can use to describe where I was at in my life at that time. I was not a young, unwed mother. I was in my late twenties and had two children. My ex-husband and I had separated and there was no resolving our issues. The marriage was over; he was gone.

When I first realized I was pregnant, an anxiety hit me that is indescribable. I felt so alone and so overwhelmed with my two little girls. I didn’t know how in the world I was going to be able to take care of another child, but I did know that the value of this precious bundle was beyond anything that could be priced. I never gave abortion a thought. This little being was designed to be here and I was not going to interfere with the plan of God!

I fought emotional battles the whole time I was pregnant. The only support I had was my dear Wes, my grandparents who lived 200 miles from me and Josh’s life parents who lived in CT. The adoption agency I chose was of no true support. Their main concern was the $$$. I was an outcast at church-to the point that I had to quit going. It was by no means a good time in my life.

I loved the baby and I didn’t want any harm to come to him. I felt that I had to protect him-from me. That is such a sad statement, but it is the most honest statement there is to answer the question above.

I felt abandoned and unwanted. I didn’t know how to deal with or how to address my anger and fear. I held anger from over twenty years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The rage was coming to a head, and I felt an explosion on the immediate horizon. At that point and time in my life, my anger was so out of control that I truly did not think I would be able control my anger once the baby was born. I wasn’t angry at him, he was just a sweet, precious life waiting to be birthed into this world. I was angry at the whole world and at the thought of having to bring another life into the midst of the chaos of life that I was in. This anger, I remember, began when I was eight years old. I remember the day it began and the circumstances around it.

I had to protect the innocent baby from me. Even my two precious little girls needed to be protected from me. I found myself beginning to repeat the same physical abuse that I had endured as a child. Thankfully, I had a good man in my life and had just recently surrendered my life to the Lord. Wesley held me accountable and prayed over me and for me continually.

I wanted to celebrate this little person and I wanted him to be celebrated in life. I knew that I had to find the parents God had for him. I believe that when I got pregnant, God took that opportunity to answer the prayers of Josh’s parents. God knew my heart was to love that little boy to the very best of my ability, even if it meant not having him in my life for his sake. I can stand before the Lord and know that I did what I thought was the very best thing, so I am at peace.

God has delivered me from the hurt, anger, bitterness and hate that I had built a fortress with. One that had me held as a hostage in my own life. He healed my heart and set it free. He brought joy into my life and set my feet to dancing. That is what allowed me to live all those years without Josh in my life. God has filled every gap and covered every hurt with His healing love. He has protected and held my heart. He has caught every single tear I have cried over the years. He has never once left my side. He has put no shame on me. He has brought me to complete restoration in Him.

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Angela lives in the wonderful country of Texas! She wasn’t born there, but she got there as fast as she could.
She’s married to a wonderful man, who is her #1 cheerleader. They have five adult children. Three daughters and twin sons. She also has two of the most beautiful grandsons on earth!
Angela is a graduate of the Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology in Paris, TX. She’s a board-certifed jeweler, gemologist, and caster. She LOVES what she does!

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  1. Thank you for this worthy account of this young woman’s sacrificial love for her unborn child. I am the happy mother of a beautiful adopted daughter because her natural mother was willing to trust God and another family to raise her child when she was unable.

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