Time: The Best Gift of Friendship

Time the Best Gift of Friendship

Time is the best gift of friendship.

The older I get, the more I appreciate time. Waves of nostalgia wash my mind in sepia tones as I attempt to grasp time. My first-born is a high school senior, and my youngest child is preparing for her learner’s permit.

Last month, I celebrated a birthday ending in a “5,” which for some strange reason makes me feel much older. I guess it is rounding up to the next decade. The tighter I attempt to grasp time, the quicker time dissolves.

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend.”

John Leonard

A friend recently drove from Knoxville to spend the weekend with us. Knowing I value quality time, she arranged her schedule to gift me undivided time and friendship. True face-to-face time with one another was our top agenda.

A week later, another friend plopped down a teal paper bag on the restaurant table. “Just a little something for your birthday,” she smiled. The contents, a bag full of fresh peaches, rolled out. Her little something from me, flowers, also sat on the table. We are comfortable friends who appreciate the gift of time in friendship.

In his book, The 5 Love Languages, marriage counselor Gary Chapman, explains five basic love languages or ways to express love emotionally:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Quality Time
  4. Receiving Gifts
  5. Physical Touch

Each person gravitates more towards one of these love languages. However, Chapman states it is possible to be bi-lingual and possess more than one love language.

When my children were little and I worked full time, my love languages were Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service. Now with the insight of hindsight, my love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

In a world full of followers, fans, and photoshopped phonies, I am tired of fakes. Therefore, I am thankful for the simple gift of time and friendship. Like peaches, both grow sweeter with time.


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