How Much Difference Do You Make?

Teachers Who Encourage

On January 18th of this year, I retired after 25 years of teaching high school English in public schools in Louisiana. Teaching was grueling and glorious, frustrating and phenomenal, challenging and championing. In thinking about my post for this month, I wanted to share something about those relationships.

Over my years of teaching, I’ve estimated that no less than 5,000 students (we taught different students each semester) entered my classroom. But to be a teacher, means to believe in delayed gratification, and to never know if you made a difference.

Yet, isn’t that true for so many of us in our lives? We don’t count the numbers of people with whom we interact on a daily basis, lives that cross ours unexpectedly, and those who come into or disappear from our lives, seemingly haphazardly. Have we mattered? Sometimes we can answer that. Sometimes not.

So, I’m including a video here that was produced by students in the Broadcasting Academy at my high school. I hesitated doing this, thinking some may deem it a homage to myself. But, I wanted to show it because it reminded me, as I hope it does you, that we sometimes underestimate our potential for good. That we are so blessed to be provided, no matter what we do, the opportunity to share our lives and God’s love with others.


Photo Graphic Courtesy of Alycia W. Morales

Christa Allan

A true Southern woman who knows any cook worth her gumbo starts with a roux and who never wears white after Labor Day, Christa writes "not-your-usual Christian Fiction. Her debut novel, Walking on Broken Glass in 2010 was followed by The Edge of Grace, which released in August of 2011. Love Finds You in New Orleans will be available in early 2012. Christa is the mother of five children, grandmother of three, and teacher of high school English. She and her husband Ken live in Louisiana, where they enjoy their time between dodging hurricanes and anticipating retirement.

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  1. Thanks, Christa, for the gentle reminder to keep going even when we can’t always see the impact we’re making. My default response is to become discouraged if I don’t see the “evidence” of my labor. But I’m reminded time & again not only why I’m called to be faithful but to whom.

  2. Crystal,
    I appreciate your stopping by and sharing. Delayed gratification can be difficult! And, you’re so right, it’s about the “whom,” not always about the “why.”

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