Because of Jesus’ Birth, I Live Anew

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It was all because of Jesus’ birth that I live anew . . . because it didn’t look like things would be good.

The doctor’s words were grim. “Mrs. Parker you will most likely not talk again.” The Christmas lights that shone from around the ear, nose and throat clinic’s window seemed to dim as I processed the doctor’s words.

I’d had an extremely rare throat tumor diagnosed at a major medical center after months of being sent to numerous hospitals and throat specialists around the country. Stunned, I sat for several minutes in the examining chair after the doctor left the room.

Our church was in high gear in preparation for all the celebrations of Christmas. I had noticed my voice was raspy as I practiced the Christmas music, but I thought it was due to several extra rehearsals a week in the last push before the Christmas musical. My heart broke as I realized I would not sing the beautiful words of the Christmas carols nor would I add my voice and praise in the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus.

The six hour trip back to our home was eerily quiet . . . was this a prelude to my voiceless life that would soon come?

Turning to the scriptures on Advent, I felt the expectant joy of Jesus’ courtesy of & cegoh birth flooding my soul and healing my brokenness. I knew that because of the Babe born in Bethlehem, I could expect good things to come out of my horrible diagnosis . . . and it did! After four surgeries on my vocal cord, I could no longer sing. Gratefully I could still speak, albeit with a noticeable raspy quality to my voice.

How is that a good thing, you might ask? After my operations I enrolled in sign language courses and began interpreting the glorious songs of the season through the beautiful gestures formed with my hands. Yes, because of Jesus’ birth, I now lived a new life, with a second chance in ministry.

Do you seek a second chance in life? Kneel before the manger this Christmas and be made new; but don’t stop there. Share the good news with other seekers. Give back to your community through the many opportunities available this holy time of year; you will be blessed and will bless others.

courtesy of & mccartyvHallelujah to the newborn King!

Dee Dee Parker

Dee Dee Parker infuses wisps of Southern grace throughout both her writing and speaking. She is the author of a children’s book, Josie Jo’s Got to Know. She has contributed to numerous anthologies, such as Chicken Soup for the Soul, God’s Provision for Tough Times and Clothes Lines. Dee Dee writes for Christian Devotions US, Guidepost books as well as Focus On the Family’s Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Her first Christmas novella has landed in the hands of her agent. Dee Dee lives snuggled among the NC Appalachian Mountains with her husband Jim, a retired minister, and their spoiled snoodle, Greta. Email Dee Dee at

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