BE Alert – Stand Firm During Adversity


The people of this world are more clever in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light. The worldly use wealth to gain friends so that in times of trouble, they are sheltered and live securely, but I gave you my power and authority. This is sufficient.

Pay attention. Use your listening ears. The good seed I sow in you is the Word of God. The devil, the father of lies, comes behind me and snatches away the Word from the hearts of those who hear, so that in times of trouble and persecution they do not believe. Because Satan steals the seed I sow, those who do not have my words do not believe and are not rescued.

Instead of good seed, weeds sprout: worries, pleasures, influence — which is a source of pride — and affluence. Such weeds choke out the good seed of my words so that individuals do not grow and mature. Those of a good heart, a noble heart, of a heart hungry for my words, will grow.

Therefore persevere. Produce a good crop that will sustain you during your times of trouble. Satan’s demons drive men into a solitary place, but I have called you out of darkness into my light and love. Do not fear. Rejoice in your sufferings for you share in the hope of knowing that I am always with you. Whatever your circumstances, remember: I have overcome the world. I will walk you through any difficulty, I promise.
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