Joann Claypoole is an author, speaker, master stylist/colorist, and former spa-girl entrepreneur. She's a wife, mother of four sons, “Numi” to four grandbabies, doggie-mom of two. The award-winning author of The Gardener’s Helper’s (ages 5-9 MJ Publishing2015) would rather be writing, hiking in the mountains, or inviting deer and other wildlife to stay for dinner near her western NC writing retreat. Visit her website: and Wordpress blog:

The warmth of winter and all its wonders

Stories by the fireside… We didn’t have a fireplace in our New York City apartment, although my dad continued his fireside storytelling tradition throughout the winter months—minus the crackling fire of course. I remember many

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A little Girl’s dad

The man. WW2 Soldier. Faithful husband. Dad. Storyteller. A Father of three quirky daughters, and a daddy to one of the fairest butterfly fairy-wannabes. Me. My dad will always be my first hero. He’s the

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