Why Be Thankful in Bad Times?

Photo by Daniel Reche

I recently heard a sermon about being thankful in bad times. Although I am usually upbeat, even zany, this teaching convicted me. I need to be more thankful to the Lord for all I have. I need to wake up in the morning praising God for my health, my job, my family and my mind that works (most of the time!). I’m especially thankful for a place in Heaven, and my sweet relationship with a loving Heavenly Father.

            So my pastor husband, Kevin, and I don’t own our own home, we live in a parsonage. But it’s a lovely house in the country surrounded by great neighbors and few noises, apart from birdsong and cricket opera. We have no smog; we enjoy crimson and lavender sunsets and delight in chipmunks prancing across our lawn.

            So our church is comparatively small—the people love, support and pray for each other. Some even tell us how grateful they are to have Kevin pastor them. I benefit from the wisdom and kindness of the ladies in my Sunday school class and Kevin gets to preach every week.

            I refuse to allow the news media, pessimists on Facebook, or anyone else to tell me what to think and how to feel. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. I choose to focus on the good in our lives.

            This month I have challenged myself to write a note, message, or email to one person each day who’s made a positive difference in my life. I want to be sunshine going somewhere to happen. I hope that makes God smile.  

Jeanette Levellie

Irish redhead and former history teacher Jeanette Levellie is the author of four books and hundreds of articles, stories, and newspaper columns. Among her publishing credits are stories in Guideposts anthologies, CBN.com, and Country magazine. Jeanette is also a vocalist and speaker, splashing hope and humor on audiences of all sizes and styles. She and her pastor husband Kevin are parents to two adults, grandparents to three children, and servants to four cats. They live in Paris, IL., where the winters are frigid but the people are warm and friendly. Her hobbies include fitness, reading, and finding new ways to avoid housework.

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