Love Can Change Your World (and You!)

I was broken. Used and abused. Taken advantage of. Embarrassed and ashamed. Unlovely and unloved.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Then I met him, and my life changed. So did my attitude, my outlook, and my self-confidence.

He told me often that I was beautiful. That he was impressed with what I did. He listened to every word I said and remembered them. He made time for me and was always available when I needed him. He looked into my very soul.

And he loved me with every breath and told me in so many ways.

Because of him, I became a new person. I no longer felt ashamed or unlovely. I was loved and could share my love with others.

I could be writing about my husband, who loved me unconditionally. And believe it or not, he actually listened to me. Well, that is until we were married. When I asked him why he quit listening, he told me he didn’t have to once I was his wife. He was joking, I think.

Actually, I was describing my relationship with Jesus. It took a while for me to realize it, but he truly loves me unconditionally. And because of him, I can stand with pride knowing I’m a child of the King of the universe. He helped make me who I am today, having survived all that’s come my way.

Now, I share my love, confidence, and positive attitude with all those around me, including neighbors, friends, folks going through cancer, and new writers needing a nudge toward publication. My life has influenced hundreds, maybe thousands of folks.

All because of Jesus’ unconditional love.

And his love can do the same for you.