Let It Grow

I planted the tiny seed.

And pressed it into the soft dirt with my fingertip, to the first knuckle, just like my grandma showed me.

Then, adding a dribble of water, I waited.

And waited.

By the next morning, I was disappointed to find that my seed hadn’t sprouted.

I waited most of that day too, but still no results.

Finally, unable to handle the anticipation any longer, I fished out my seed, examining it closely for any signs of growth or progress.

Why wasn’t it working? I had all the ingredients.

Soil. Water. Sun.

And yet, for whatever reason, my little seed wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do.

Over the course of a week, I put the seed in, and yanked it back out.

Until, I finally gave up on my dream of being a gardener.

I laugh at my seven-year-old self now, but is it so different than the way I am today?

Perhaps not with a seed.

But, I know I am that way many times with my prayers.

I plant the seed of prayer, asking God to move in a certain situation, and shortly thereafter, I find myself digging up my prayer.

Checking to see if there has been a change, wondering why there isn’t any growth in the circumstance or situation.

I had all the necessary ingredients. Prayer, belief, and faith.

So, why isn’t the situation changing? Why isn’t the person healed? Why isn’t the miracle happening?

Just like the seed, I was lacking one necessary ingredient.

Yes, I had the soil, rich with nutrients.

I watered it, diligently.

I even gave it sun.

But, I didn’t give it time.

Without patience, none of the other ingredients would ever grow me a successful plant or answer my prayer.

So, you prayed a prayer of faith.

You may have watered your prayer with tears and belief in God’s abilities.

And you’ve taken your burden to the Son of God.

But, you can’t keep digging up your prayers with worry and expect to see results.

Leave it there.

Don’t dig it back it up.

Don’t give up on your prayer, just because you can’t see the results right away.

Just leave it at the feet of Jesus.

By, Me

Jamin Baldwin

Jamin Christian Baldwin is a wife and mother of three from SE Ohio. Her love of nature and God is combined in her devotions in a parable about life. Award-winning poet, Jamin, does her best to share the love of God and the lessons she has learned with others through her writings. You can find her stories and devotions on her Author Page

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