God-Birthed Friendships

According to the World Population Clock, at 7:55 this morning, there were  7,150,855,447 people on the planet.

This week I am staying in the home of 1 of those 7,150,855,447 people. Her name is Cathi. And I am in awe.

That may not seem like an awe-inspiring statement, but it actually is. Nearly ten years ago, Cathi walked into a class I was teaching. That’s where our friendship was birthed. Neither of us planned it, neither of us knew it was going to happen. Only God knew. Since then we have shared lots of life together:  much joy, and plenty of sorrow. I am so grateful that God had the idea of our friendship.

I had no idea she would walk into my world. Cathi is 1 of  over 7 billion people on the planet. And by God’s design, she is my friend!

Several years ago I was told by my boss that I needed to meet with a lady name Liz to plan an event. So one day Liz and I met at a restaurant to talk about the upcoming program. But “somehow” we realized our mutual love of the Lord, and it was a long time before we started talking business.

That’s where God birthed our friendship. It was a season when we both were crying out to God, seeking His wisdom for the future. God knows the importance of an understanding encourager in times like that. Mine was named Liz, chosen by God out of 7 billion people!

One day I was going to meet Liz for lunch and Cathi  uncharacteristically invited herself along. Turns out, it was God’s plan for Cathi and Liz to meet. And that’s where their friendship began.

God has been busy in the years since I met Cathi and Liz. Liz founded Love UnVeiled, a ministry that equips and empowers women to find their identity in Jesus Christ. And guess what? Cathi serves on her board of directors.

God answered the cries of my heart, too. I am an advocate for homeless elderly in Romania. Cathi is a faithful supporter and encourager of my calling.

Out of 7,150,855,447 people in the world, God brought Cathi and Liz in to my life. And then He connected them. Three lives brought together for His purposes, for our good, for His glory.

It is impossible to know what our lives would look like if God had not connected us. But I am in awe of what has happened because He did…

And it makes me wonder:  Who might God bring into my life today?

Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson serves as an advocate for homeless elderly in Romania via www.elderorphancare.com , writes a weekly Brag On God Blog at www.wowdeewow.com , and travels the globe spreading encouragement and inspiration to a variety of audiences--at last count, in 30 states and 6 countries. Her favorite Scripture verse is Ephesians 3:20: "Now to God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power at work within us, to him be the glory...."

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