America: I Still Believe in You

Dear America,
We are the kid brother of all nations. The one who learned from the mistakes of others and chose to do things differently. A wild experiment, at best.
An unbelievably successful experiment.
It wasn’t easy–this path we traveled. It took 150 years from the time we first arrived until declaring our independence to become a full-fledged country. A century and a half to determine what we would be about. And who we would be about.
We started with nothing–nothing but the most beautiful stretch of land imaginable and an equal dose of determination and faith in God to show us how to do this.
It was that belief in God that led us here. To find a place we could worship Him without interference or without being told how to worship. Or who to worship.
From that point, our forefathers, who were born and raised here by the heroic generation of those who survived that first hundred years, put into writing the Constitution of the United States. This document itself is amazing. At times, it seems they anticipated everything; anything that might try to permanently change who we are and what we are all about.  I can’t imagine how many drafts they went through before coming into agreement about the precise wording and flow chart of the newly established government.
Today, it seems our government can’t agree on anything. We fix what isn’t broken, set laws to win power struggles, and the voice of the people doesn’t seem to matter.
The news is filled with doom and gloom forecasts that depict us as if we are a tragic mistake. As if there is no greatness left within us.
But when I turn off the news and look around, this is what I see:
Neighbors, regardless of race or religion, supporting each other, united in their desire to make a great life for their families in their chosen corner of the world.
Creative people who use their talents to change the planet and make it a better place.
Quiet heroes in the everyday choices of our police, firemen, and soldiers who simply make the sacrifice to go to work, no matter where that takes them.
Former soldiers from past decades who now limp along with age, injury, and the burden of heavy memories who still tear up at the sight of their beloved flag.
Churches overflowing on Sundays with a love that spills out across the world throughout the week.
Teens whose first response to a problem is to serve.
Children who don’t see a nation full of problems, but a nation full of friends they just haven’t met yet.
I see a country I still adore.
America at its finest.
A blessed nation, indeed.
And I’d sure like to keep it that way.
So just for the record, America, I still believe in you.
And us.

Janet Morris Grimes

Janet Morris Grimes earliest childhood memories were spent creating fairy-tale stories of the father she never knew. That desire to connect with the mysterious man in a treasured photograph gave her a deep love for the endless possibilities of a healing and everlasting story. A wife of one, mother of three, and Tootsie to four, Janet currently writes from her quiet two-acre corner of the world near Elizabethtown, KY. She has spent the last few years preparing to introduce her novels and children’s stories to the world. Her debut novel, Solomon's Porch, was released in August of '21 and is now available on Amazon. For additional information on Janet, visit her website at

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