Where Love Was Birthed

Bethlehem, with all the hustle and bustle.

People traveling, trying to find a decent place to stay while they were away from home. Common folks trying to save up their money, so they can pay for the things they need, grumpy, because the good Inns were all full.

I think about these people and feel sorry for them.

Think about it…

While they are worried, fretting and stressing, God was doing something miraculous in the barn out back.

While they were wrapped up in their own thing, worried about their four and no more, The Savior was making his great entrance into the world.

How heartbreaking it must have been to know that you’d missed such a wonderful event, and in your own backyard, no less.

Today, we do the same, I fear.

I think of all the traveling, all the traditions, and all the decorating we do.

As we all try to make sure our own is cared for and have a “memorable” Christmas.

We know the stress and pressures all too well. How will we get it all crammed into such a brief time?

The presents need wrapping, the tree put up, and the cookies baked. We must make time to see everyone and still get the kids to their Christmas play rehearsal on time.

All the while God is wanting to do something amazing in our backyard.

We can’t get so wrapped up in wrapping…

So distracted by decor…

So festive for our four, that we miss God making an appearance in our lives.

This Christmas season let’s open our eyes to the miracles around us.

They can have a nice soft bed, a five-star Inn, and a warm hearth.

Give me the cold stable, the smell of fresh hay in the air.

We need to be where LOVE is being birthed into a hopeless world.

By, Me♧

Jamin Baldwin

Jamin Christian Baldwin is a wife and mother of three from SE Ohio. Her love of nature and God is combined in her devotions in a parable about life. Award-winning poet, Jamin, does her best to share the love of God and the lessons she has learned with others through her writings. You can find her stories and devotions on her Author Page

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