Thanking God for Fall

Pumpkin pie spice.

The ultimate Pumpkin Pie Spice!

Three little words that can conjure up warm feelings in many, especially those who love autumn and all it brings with it.

It also presents dread in those who realize that this signals the beginning of the holiday season and all the stress, overspending, and over-indulgence that will soon be coming.

A recent study showed that many folks relate the smell of pumpkin pie spice to childhood, giving them a warm feeling of nostalgia.

But whether you like the smell or not, it’s here for the season, along with the aroma of cinnamon in lovely door decorations and wreaths. Then comes the scent of pine that will be with us for months to come.

Unfortunately for some folks, especially those who’ve had Covid affect their senses, none of these scents can be detected. Having never found myself in that situation, I can only think that would hamper my enjoyment of the season.

Let’s not forget the beautiful colors of fall. No, not just the leaves that shed their green to show the hues that are hidden most of the year. I’m talking about the beautiful green, white, and red watermelons, orange cantaloupes, red and golden apples, and peppers of many colors.

And who can forget all the colors of a Thanksgiving dinner: the golden bird, off-white mashed potatoes, dark red cranberry sauce, and dark orange sweet potatoes and pies. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Have you ever wondered how God came up with the idea of giving us five senses? Don’t know about you, but I’m glad to have five ways to enjoy my life – smelling, seeing, tasting, hearing, and feeling. My dad used to jokingly say that I was born upside-down: my nose runs and my feet smell. Never too happy to hear that, but he said it often. At any rate, I’m glad that God made me the way I am, with all five senses.

And if for some reason we’re deprived of one of them, the others step up and fill the void. I have a blind friend whose sense of touch is heightened. Another friend whose nose quit working has found her eyesight clearer so she can detect dirty laundry or rotting food.

So, as we enter the fall and look toward all the holidays to come, let’s take time to thank God not only for the events of the season but also for the ability to appreciate them.

And thank Him for family and friends to share these experiences with.