A summer outside… of my comfort zone

Important fact about Jenni: I am not outdoorsy. However, I did spend this summer outside… of my comfort zone at least.

It all started in Weatherford, Texas where my mom and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. It was a seven-day film bootcamp where we learned everything from lighting to directing and sound to screenwriting.

13428490_1092865350768904_6142740449825279601_nBy the end of the week everyone in attendance was exhausted, but for most of us, it was worth it. I learned that talent comes in all shapes and sizes. Ideas don’t grow on trees… (unless you’re my mom in which case you have a million idea trees in your head). Every role in creating a film is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re a director or a grip. You are important. Vital, even. The film would not be possible without you.

The summer continued with filming, editing, and sending off a pilot to a major Christian TV network. The best part about the whole thing… they loved it!

This summer I: filmed, socialized, wrote (a lot!), learned, listened, talked, and grew. This summer I lived.

Although the summer is drawing to a quick close, it’s not too late for you to take a leap out of your comfort zone.

If you’re a skeptic like me, then you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. Why can’t you just stay in your bubble? It’s worked for years, right?

13502098_1092865324102240_800314616556232292_nLet me tell you why you should jump off the cliff…

I am not a social being. As a matter of fact, social settings tend to give me serious anxiety. This summer, however, I was forced to interact with others, and I am better because of it. I’ve developed ideas and shared them with others. I have collaborated, and learned so much. I was forced to recognize the fact that I don’t know everything, and the knowledge I lack is stored away in someone else’s brain. I have to talk to them to learn, and, if I’m honest, I’d say talking to people isn’t that bad.

So, if I can run up and down stairs and around a film set in the Texas summer heat, all while interacting with an entire group of people, you can do something outside of your comfort zone.

Go on a hike. Have lunch with an old friend. Go see a movie. Read a book.

You’ll find that the view from the top of your comfort zone mountain is less scary than you thought. It’s actually spectacular.

Jenni Beaver

Jenni is a twenty-something storyteller from the Sunshine State. When she's not writing a novel or screenplay, she's editing a video or film for the business she co-owns with her mom. She loves animals and has SIX pets! Everyday she tries to stay positive, inspired, and caffeinated.

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