Hope for the Future

Remember that song from “Annie,” the musical? “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow. You’re always a day away.”

Those were the dreams of a little orphan girl hoping for a better future. But how many of us could sing those same lyrics? After all, tomorrow is always right around the corner.

Tomorrow, I’ll get a better job.

Tomorrow, I’ll find the love of my life.

Tomorrow, I’ll win the lottery.

Tomorrow, something will happen that will change my life forever.

But if we live constantly looking for something better in the future, we miss out on so much in front of us today.

Maybe tomorrow will bring a better job, but if not, how can I make my current job better? Could I work harder or smarter or change my attitude toward the job and my coworkers? God has promised to provide for us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to work for those provisions.

The love of my life may be waiting out there somewhere, so I shouldn’t cloister myself at home hoping he’ll knock on my door. I’ll increase my chances of meeting him if I get out and go places where we could meet. God can work miracles, but lately the only guys ringing my doorbell are trying to sell me something.

Winning the lottery is such a long shot, I don’t even want to waste a dollar trying! Much as I’d love to have a ton of money, that might present more trouble than it’s worth. If God wants me to be rich, He can make one of my books a bestseller, but I need to write and market the book.

So what can change my life forever?

Hope. A positive attitude.

If I wake up tomorrow thinking it’ll be a bad day, guess what! It will probably be a bad day for me. But if I wake up excited to face the day, hopeful of what it can bring, even though I may be doing menial tasks, it can be a fabulous day.

My attitude can change my life. And that’s something I have complete control over.

How about you? Do you have hope for tomorrow? Do you look forward to what each day will bring? Your attitude is up to you.

Hope for the best and you’ll very likely get it. At the very least, you’ll find yourself more content with what you already have.