When Re-gifting is the Most Generous Gift of All

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Who could forget the Seinfeld episode where Dr. Tim Whatley is accused of re-gifting a label maker to Jerry?

It’s true that re-gifting is often considered taboo. But let’s face it, some gifts are meant to be given more than once⏤and generously so.

Ephesians 2:4 says that because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions. Nothing in us or about us motivates the Lord’s favor. We deserve wrath, but through Christ, we instead received grace, “unmerited favor from God”. And this undeniable, powerful, life-changing favor changes everything. It alters the choices we make, our desire to serve, our priorities, and the way we love. God’s unmerited favor toward us changes everything. So, how could we not extend the same gift to others?

The gift of grace


3 Ways to {Generously} Re-Gift the Grace of God


Pray for those who have hurt us, or for those who are hurting us still.

There is something about lifting a person’s name before God’s throne that slowly and quietly begins to allow us to see that person as God sees him/her. It may or may not erase the pain associated with the name but it will be offering grace through the gift of prayer.


We give others permission to be different.

A sweet friend and I sometimes tease how the world would be a better place if everyone would simply think like we do. (Yep, I just admitted that – keepin’ it real here, friends!) We giggle and then proceed to slurp down our coffee. Note, I didn’t say the world would be a better-mannered place! Truth is, I think we all struggle with those who are different from us. Maybe it’s politics, our beliefs, questioning whether or not a believer should drink a glass of wine, or get tatted. The list goes on. This is where knowing scripture for ourselves cultivates a life willing to release others to be different and into His loving care.


We offer grace to ourselves first and foremost.

The old adage rings true⏤we can’t give away what we ourselves do not possess. In Christ, we can rest in God’s unmerited favor whether we feel like or not. In fact, it’s when we least feel like resting in His love that we need it the most. The enemy reminds us of past choices, forgiven-but-former sins, and anything else he believes will mar the beauty of God-given grace. Our ability to both receive and rest in it proves the enemy wrong every single time.

Let’s give re-gifting another try this year. Offering grace to others this Christmas (and every day) displays the beauty of the Gospel in a way Macy’s window never could.

What’s one way you could extend the gift of grace to another person this Christmas?


Cathy Baker

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