what does jesus say about how to respond to violence?


You will have trouble in this world, but do not worry. I have overcome the world. When others suggest you arm yourself for the trials you will face remember my example.

The night before I died Peter, in anger and fear, sliced off the ear of Malchus. I warned then that those who draw the sword would die from the sword. I could have called down legions of angels for my defense, but I did not. Instead I offered love and healing. Learn from me.

When someone attacks you, do not retaliate. Turn away; walk away.

If someone tries to steal your coat, give it freely. Offer the person assistance. Invite them to enjoy a meal with you. In doing so you may convict their spirit and perhaps open a door so you can tell them of how much my Father loves them.

Vengeance belongs to my Father. He alone is able to judge. Avoid those who are violent. Do good instead. Be gentle; act with kindness. One or perhaps two weapons of defense are enough. Above all, love your enemies. After all, my Father loved you while you still hated him. In fact he loved you so much that he asked me to die on your behalf.

Do not wrestle against flesh and blood. You are in me, now. Our battles are against the rulers, against the authorities, against the evil powers that rule over this present darkness. My love is your greatest weapon. Use it often.

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Excerpt from “Christian Owner’s Manual

Christian Owner's Manual

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