To The Fatherless

To the fatherless: I see you.

To the sons and the daughters who have loved, been loved and lost… you’re not alone.

To the sons and daughters who have loved but have not been loved back… you’re valuable.

To the sons and daughters who’ve never known the love of a father… you’re wanted.

Here’s the thing: Father’s Days are not created equal.

Some spend the day mourning and missing the father they’ve lost. Others suffer the internal grief of having been left behind or unloved by their father. Others have truly never known that kind of love.

There have been times when I’ve fallen into category number two. It’s not easy.

To the Fatherless

But this is what I’ve learned…

Earthly fathers, just like earthly mothers, make mistakes. Sometimes they love. Sometimes they leave. And sometimes they lose sight of what’s important.

It can leave kids feeling lost and confused and sometimes even unlovable. It makes celebrating Father’s Day sad and difficult. There aren’t many cards that say “sometimes you love me but not really” or “you’re a pretty decent father.”

I know, I know. It sounds harsh. But coming from someone who’s been hurt by a father, I can tell you that sometimes “you’re the best dad” isn’t something you want to have next to their name. Sometimes you’re not sure what to say about them or how to feel.

And a lot of times you feel sad and angry with YOURSELF over the entire situation.

And those who are living in a world without their father are being constantly reminded of the love that’s no longer with them or a love that never was.

That painful wound of grief is opened once again.

To the Fatherless

So, I want to propose something this Father’s Day… if you have a dad you love and who loves you, celebrate him! Get him a card and a gift and spend the day making him feel every bit of your love.

What I want to share is for the fatherless.

If you’ve lost your father or fall into any category of the “fatherless” then spend the day with your Heavenly Father.

He’ll never leave you, neither in life nor death.

He’ll never hurt you physically or emotionally.

He’ll never make you feel less-than or unimportant.

He’ll always love you, support you, and be there for you.

He’ll be your strength when you’re tapped out. Your light when the darkness is closing in. Your hope when all seems lost.

Now that’s a love worth celebrating.

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Jenni Beaver

Jenni is a twenty-something storyteller from the Sunshine State. When she's not writing a novel or screenplay, she's editing a video or film for the business she co-owns with her mom. She loves animals and has SIX pets! Everyday she tries to stay positive, inspired, and caffeinated.

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