There’ s Always Hope Because There’s Always God

There' s Always Hope Because There's Always God by Jean Wilund via (Romans 15:13)

by Jean Wilund


We all want it.

No, we all need it.

Without it, we die.

Suicide victims have one thing in common. They lost all hope.

The unspeakable tragedy is there was always hope because there’s always God. The God of hope.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” ~ Romans 15:13

Romans isn’t saying God hopes. He never hopes. He knows.

Rather, God gives hope because He is our hope.

Hope that doesn’t disappoint (Romans 5:5).

Hope that fills us with all joy and peace in believing.

Ah, believing. The speed bump that’s jostled the truth out of many.


I used to believe I knew better than God about what would make me happy.

Used to believe.

I used to believe God was mistaken that being holy is greater than being happy.

Used to believe.

I’ve learned there’s nothing better than to seek to know God, His flawless character, and the Truth of His Word. (And that being holy makes you happy–most of the time.)

There' s Always Hope Because There's Always God by Jean Wilund via (Romans 15:13)Know

When we know that real hope only comes from God — not in relief or worldly things — calm assurance sets in.

We rest in the assurance that God knows best and has the power to do all He’s determined to do.

After all, He sees the end from the beginning. We barely see around the next corner.

From the beginning, God has always had our good and His glory in view.

We have our relief in view, and we’re powerless to produce it.

But when we know and believe in the God of hope, we’re strengthened to move forward around the next corner.

And the next.

And the next.

Even dark and scary corners, because as our hope in God grows, our fears fade.

Will there be pain? Absolutely. (John 16:33)

Will there be trials? Guaranteed. (James 1:2-4)

But there will also be God. (Psalm 90:2)

Fear’s sharp claws retract in the face of godly hope.


In those dark and scary corners, remember the truth God has taught you in the light.

Remember your hope is secure because God never hopes. He knows. And He fills you with joy and peace in believing.

Remember and pour out that confident hope onto others.

Perhaps you’ll infuse them with the same hope in believing. Or at least awaken their curiosity to this inexplicable hope you hold in the face of trouble.

LiveThere' s Always Hope Because There's Always God by Jean Wilund via (Romans 15:13)

Hope doesn’t have to limp along on life support.

And it never has to die.

Because there’s always God, there’s always hope.

We all want it.

We all need it.


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Jean Wilund

Jean Wilund is passionate about coffee and comedy, but she's most excited about leading women into a greater understanding of the Bible and a deeper relationship with God. She writes for Revive our Hearts ministries, creates Bible study videos for her YouTube Channel, and connects with women on her blog at Jean and her husband live in South Carolina. Their children and grandtwins live scattered across the country.

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