The Mystery of Nature’s Peaceful Song

Nature’s call

A screech owl’s trills, calls, and hoots might calm the weary traveler, like the lone Whitetail who forages in the forest near my cabin. I press my face against the glass slider to watch her, in awe, content to stand there forever. Within the confines of my mind, imagination and reality mingle with nature as if they were old friends. This is the place where my boots sink into fresh snow. I hike on worn grassy paths while babbling streams slow, and campfires crackle till the wee hours of the morning. These are a few of the reasons I always beg to stay. Please let me play in the mountains one more day. I need to hear the harmony once more: There’s magic in the mystery of nature’s peaceful song.

Darkness, naked trees, clues … and escapes

I sit and watch and wait for them, content to shiver while frigid winds whip across the starry sky. Darkness dares to trick my eyes. Distorted shadows lurk closer, barely hidden behind naked trees. Their rustlings are the first clue. Even fear cannot draw me away: I’m right where I belong. No longer content to be an observer, my heart yearns to belong to this mountain like a mourning dove longs for her mate’s return. Is this my glimpse of heaven? A God-Wink? Or is it only the perfect escape whenever thoughts of my insignificance in this world close in on me? The wanderings of my mind are only to be relieved by the patter of hooves and her frozen gaze.

My happy place

I call my Carolina retreat my happy place. It’s a magical spot where mountains and lakes hold hands and spectacular sunsets heal weary souls. When I’m off to work or with family down south, I miss my heart’s peaceful home. My only consolation is I know seeds sown in fall and spring will help sustain a multitude of woodland creatures until my return.  

My Happy Place ~ Copyright 2017 ~ Photo by Joann Claypoole

Hope for tomorrow

Winter is a time when summer and fall’s harvest sustains a magical season of much-needed rest. In times of spiritual valleys when darkness and pain linger like dreary, frozen days that seem to never end, we can look to the sky where cardinals and sparrows still roam. Without worry or fear, they rely on the one who gives seeds of hope for tomorrow. They listen to each whisper on the wind while daffodils, redbuds, and dogwoods gently spring forth again. And every day, they sing along, as if beckoning us to put down our phones or to stop tapping keys, if only for a few moments—Precious moments meant for us to live deliberately, so we might uncover the mystery of nature’s peaceful song. O

“These things I have spoken to you; that you may have peace . In the world you may have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Author’s notes ~

Dear friends,

When I think about how God formed you and I and the multitudes of unique creatures for specific purposes, it bends my mind and makes me smile at the same time. He’s the one and only Father of all that ever was, is, or will ever be. We are all His children.

His unconditional love for us amazes me. He knows each voice, name, and way—But we, who God calls above all else, seldom care. Might we look closer if we believed we’d catch a glimpse of the gifts they possess? Would we then lean in to hear the harmony of each song? In truth and in the power of His word, I believe the Giver, God, is always near. He loves us so much He allows us to become broken at times, not to abandon us, but so we can find rest in Him in the midst of what we think is our end; our desolation. We can run to Him and find hope and power in our worship, and unexplained peace in the deepest cry of our hearts.

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Joann Claypoole

Joann Claypoole is an author, speaker, and former spa-girl entrepreneur. She's a wife, mother of four sons, “Numi” to four grandchildren, doggie-mom of two. The award-winning author of The Gardener’s Helper’s (ages 5-9 MJ Publishing2015) would rather be writing, hiking in the mountains, or inviting deer and other wildlife to stay for dinner near her western NC writing retreat. Visit her website: and WordPress blog:

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  1. Such a Beautiful and Wonderful story,I feel every word of this story and I too long for the mountains,just like my childhood.

  2. With this beautifully written blog ,JOANN,
    I finally understand your love of your mountain retreat and all the joy it brings you
    No wonder DENNY takes you there so often
    He loves seeing you so in touch with nature and with God and peace in your heart

  3. Awesome, Joann! God’s peace and blessings are all around us. Your mountain retreat is a beautiful reminder of His hand at work in our lives to refresh and restore us!

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