The Most Glorious Christmas Day

December 2019 ~ Central Florida.

Most northerners know winter takes on a whole new meaning in Florida. There’s no snow. No sleet. No winter coats and hats—and sometimes no temps below hot. That means we might wipe beads of sweat off our brows while hanging Christmas lights. Although the seasons are usually one humid blur, today a sudden gust of wind whipping leaves across the manicured golf course outside my window reminds me; Christmas is right around the corner. I envision snow-covered mountains and our family huddled together in our cabin. Then, I hear my husband or oldest son tell a familiar story. Our grandchildren’s eyes bright and gazing as logs crackle and embers glow in the fireplace. This isn’t Santa’s or Rudolph’s tale. Those are stories for another day. It’s the story of the birth of Jesus—The most glorious Christmas day.

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel (which means “God with us”). 

Matthew 1:23 NIV Bible

When snow and angels call

Friends and family know me well. News of an approaching winter storm or the possibility of southern snow is soup for this transplanted Yankee’s soul. I beg my husband to head north for the holiday. “You know we both need rest. We’ll hike, drink hot chocolate, and chill out—in the snow.” I watch him do his usual moaning groaning thing, but still, my smile hit its intended target. “Please think about it.”

“It probably won’t snow.”

“I believe it will. And, if you say yes, I’ll bake your favorite cookies…and you can nap every day…and—”

He leans down to kiss my head. “You’ll make my mother’s thumbprint cookies?”

“Sure. Whatever you want. Let’s call the kids.”

After we debate the issues of work and other responsibilities he checks a few weather apps on his phone, grabs the TV remote, and clicks on The Weather Channel. “See,” he says, “it’s too early to predict the storm’s definite path.” He stammers and tries his best to convince me he’s almost sure…until I walk away. “Okay, grandpa. I guess I’ll reminisce about Christmas vacations when a fun dad and mom made ugly snowmen and scrawny angels in the snow with their kids—all by myself this year.”

            From across the room, I hear him say, “Those were the days.”

Remembering “the amazing” in every gift

It’s true. Those holidays were special. But snow and cookies and cabins in the mountains didn’t make them stand out. During the early years of our marriage, my husband lost his job. After a few months, we couldn’t pay the rent or buy food for our children. With Christmas only weeks away, we didn’t have any presents to give—only time to sew a few throw blankets and stuffed animals, paint two rooms in a friend’s home and offer simple labors of love. We made soup for elderly neighbors and took the boys to sing Christmas carols at our local nursing home.

Every night, my husband and I held hands and prayed and cried until an unexplainable peace filled our hearts with hope. The pleasant chime of our doorbell sent my husband out of his chair late that Christmas Eve. He opened the door and found a huge red bag filled with gifts and food on the doorstep. To this day, the givers remain anonymous. Although we were forever thankful and kept these brothers or sisters in our prayers, it never really mattered. We knew who the real giver was. That year, and every year since, God has filled our home with Christmas blessings and hope—in sickness and in health. In sadness or joy. He is the reason we celebrate life. Emmanuel. God with us.

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6 NIV Bible

Merry and bright

God knows my heart longs to experience the quiet wonder of the first Christmas: The night heavenly hosts sang creation’s story and proclaimed Messiah’s birth. I believe there’s a deeper meaning behind the words merry and bright. Perhaps the truth lies in the mysterious way the first Christmas and the birth of the King of Kings began with a fear that gave way to faith. Pain and the darkest of nights gave way to peace and incredible light. Only God could light the sky that night. He alone made the way—for me, for you, and for all. 

Christmas present

Today and every day, we have opportunities to give of ourselves. If we ask, and if we believe, God will shine through us in mighty ways—not only during the holidays. The Father’s Gifts can come in all kinds of packages. Some are beautiful. Some broken. All are wrapped in stories worth telling. Many are Christmas miracles. Each is a testament to the most glorious Christmas day. And yes, a little snow and stories told by a warm fire also help to make the season bright.

This year, I hope the nine-hour drive to North Carolina allows us to decompress from the stresses of work, day-to-day not so empty nest chaos, and crazy mom and dad life with an Irish Setter puppy. As usual, it won’t take long before my mind wanders to events from years past—childhood sleigh rides, snowball fights, family vacations, and ski lessons. My imagination lingers with all the nostalgia—until a row of perfect powdery snow angels reminds me again of the most glorious Christmas day.

His name is Jesus. Born in a lowly manger. Son of God ~ and hope of all the world. Good news worth sharing.

Merry Christmas, friends.

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Wishing you and yours peace, joy, health, and happiness.


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  1. Wow!!!!! Another must read by my sister, Joann Claypoole, Truly a wonderful story. Plz read, comment and SHARE with Friends and Family!!!!!!

  2. This is such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing.
    It reminds me of a young woman with five children (two special needs) who is suffering right now, homeless, abandoned, who had to go back to work full time, leave her children in day care for the first time in their lives, and is in fear of how she will provide and get her life back on track. My daughter and I have bought gifts for her children and pray for them daily, but I’m amazed at how this woman keeps putting her trust back in God, like you and your husband.
    I’m going to share this with her because I know it will empower and inspire her.
    Merry Christmas, Joann!

    1. Amen, Michelle. I will pray for this sweet lady and her children too. At times it’s hard to see how God shows us His love every day ~ but there’s so much awesome in the little things…All we have to do is look and listen. ????????????????

  3. That was so heartwarming and amazing as usual Joanne❤️ It actually made me tear up❤️I love you ! miss you ! and you’re such a gifted writer????????
    Have a very blessed Christmas and a happy Hanukkah????✡️ Because Jesus is the light of the world! I hope 2020 brings much health wealth and happiness for your family. Peace to you always❤️

    1. Thanks and blessings, Sandie. I love how God always uses you and Jack to inspire many stories too. I’m thankful to wish you and family many more merry Christmases and Happy Hanukkah too. Love you!!! ????????????????

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