The Hope of Easter

The Easter season reminds us of what Christ did for all humanity through His death, burial, and resurrection. But the Easter season should also reinvigorate our faith and renew our hope. Faith that dead things can live again. And hope that full restoration is always a possibility. In fact, the hope of Easter should course through our veins and fill us with joy each and every day of the year. Not just for what Christ did for the world, but for what His resurrecting power does for us in our day-to-day lives.

We see the hope of Easter, and the principle of the resurrection all around us. In His grand wisdom, God placed reminders of Easter’s hope all around us. Because of the hope of Easter, we know that:

  • The sun will rise in the morning.
  • The moon will give us light at night.
  • A rainstorm won’t last forever.
  • A seed will bloom.
  • A cut on our finger will heal.
  • Winter will turn to Spring.
  • A good night’s sleep renews us.
  • Babies grow into adults.
  • And even death, isn’t the finality of our lives, but merely the beginning.

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“I feel the arms of God around me,
as I lay on my bed at night.
Asleep, I feel the Angel’s touch-
I’m surrounded and held tight.

I don’t know why it is,
that God should love me so,
that he would send His only Son,
to hang there on Death-row.

He guards me night and day,
always bringing love and hope.
Somehow, I know I will survive,
for He will help me cope.

As a father has compassion on his child,
so my Lord has compassion on me.
I know I can count on him-
There is nowhere from His love I want to flee.” -Helena Fehr


What about you?  Where do you need the Hope of Easter fulfilled in your life?

Debbie Simler-Goff

Debbie Simler-Goff is a Christian author, minister’s wife, and Grief Recovery Specialist® who works in hospice. She has contributed to three devotional books, and blogs regularly at When Debbie isn’t playing with her 11 grandchildren, she can usually be found scouting out the local ice cream shops.

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