The Glory of God is a Soul Abundantly Alive

by Ruthie Lewis
We’ve been amazed once again by Olympic athletes and are reminded of the impact of coaches and how they zero in on changes needed for ultimate success; but coaching isn’t just for athletes any more. Life Coaching is now widely taken advantage of by many, from CEO’s to college students.

The path leading me to become a Life Coach was a treacherous one that – in the end – shone brightly with truth, revealing that the sand between my toes, like a sand granule in an oyster, was turning my life to pearls; the threatening darkness, like coal being polished and cut into brilliant diamonds.

I could see: Our brilliant inner light is the Glory of God, entrusted to us to illuminate the world. I was appalled how I’d sacrificed it under false beliefs and have tos / supposed tos that trapped me – like the light of a firefly trapped in a jar, dimming, when it should be flying free, lighting up the sky.

Whether you ever take advantage of life coaching or not, making life changes is about believing you have a choice to do so. I call it learning to dance with life.

We all share a dilemma: Our deep longing for a full life seems very inconsistent with the life we find around us.

So, ask yourself: Why has my life become what it is today? Have you wondered, “Where is God in all this?”
• Are you living your fullest life?
• If asked what your passions were as a child, would you know now what they were?
• Do you feel your life will never be anything different than it is now?
• Do you wonder why other people seem to accomplish things in life and yours feels like a treadmill?
• Are your marriage, relationships and career where you desire them to be?

Would you be shocked to learn that 80% of people on anti-depressants between 35-60 are women? Is it any wonder when you consider the answers to the questions above; when you consider the fact that women are compelled to sacrifice themselves for their family, to make their own passions the lowest priority – believing it’s all noble and even godly? None of it has anything to do with how deeply she loves. There’s a reason we’re instructed to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. You’re no good to anyone if you die.

Most of you have heard the phrase “Life on Purpose” and have probably asked, “What does that really mean?”
I like to describe it as mindfulness of the moment – think about what you’re thinking about.

You’ve also probably heard the phrase “Life Happens.” Do you believe that? Or do you want to make every thought and action count toward your best life? Of course, there are difficult, unpleasant, even tragic circumstances we have no control over. But what about all that we do have choice over? While we don’t have control over some circumstances, we do have choice in how we perceive, deal with and get through them.

The Secret
The abundant life God promises is thought to be a mysterious secret because so few tap into it, but it is no secret and was God’s original intent for you. THE SECRET is seeing our choices when “Life Happens.” God’s gift of free choice = ABUNDANCE.

I Can Only Imagine
That’s what many say about the life we really want, the life where your dreams become reality. But imagine a world where anything less than Abundant Life was simply not tolerated; a life not just for the “lucky,” not maybe someday if God blesses me; not reserved for heaven. Imagine living your passion and purpose by choice. One of the biggest lies we believe is: If I love God enough, pray enough, do enough good things, then I’ll be blessed. That lie will kill you!

How sad to reach the end of your journey and discover you’ve left your heart behind.

What would your life look like if you celebrated your inner light and purposefully lived your heart, instead of denying your passions – who you are, believing you’re sacrificing self?

So let’s talk about those things in your life you wish were different but don’t see you have any power to change.

Don’t Forget:
Your purpose is your power.

“Let your glow show!” is the bedrock for everything Ruthie Lewis writes and speaks about. She is an author, speaker & life coach.
When gut-wrenching circumstances shook her from a life of have-to / supposed-to, her only lifeline was to reconnect to her inner light. Then, her worst nightmare left her buried under an avalanche of inconceivable darkness. After excavating the tiniest spark from the rubble, Ruthie’s passion to write and lead others to live their inner light is not only miraculous, it’s contagious, its flame brighter than any firefly’s glow!
Ruthie resides in Edmond, OK and is the mother of two amazing grown sons and a daughter who was a life-long dancer and brought light into the lives of everyone who knew her. She now dances with Jesus.
Fireflies is set for official release on Sept. 11. Until then, you can get your pre-release autographed copy on her website:
Ruthie would love to hear from you. Contact her to share your story, how Fireflies has impacted your life, and for speaking. She can be contacted at her website, Ruthie Lewis.

Photos Courtesy of:
Marek Bernat and Glenda Otero

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