Faces God Loves: How to Love People Well

Photo by Robert Madrid, rmadridphoto.com

Love whispers, Look at these faces. Gaze into their eyes. They’re the faces God loves. 

There’s more to a face than meets the eye. Aesthetics present features in color and shape, and in how they lie between the forehead and chin. Yet, much more is seen. Consider the variant qualities of faces. Beckoning. Engaging. Enchanting. Yearning. Magnetic. Stolid.

Faces are storytellers

Narratives of sadness, heroism, defeat, victory, or captivity dwell behind a face. And other chapters waiting to be written. The entire human race longs to share one story of magnitude. A story of real love.

My husband, a pastor, has preached and taught at length on the topic of love. Mike started a new message series this month, Love Everywhere. He’s discussed loving the people who live with us in our home, who live near us in our neighborhood, and those in the workplace. In the coming weeks, he’ll be covering love in a broader sense of our community and world.

How do we love others well? Can we love all people? Is it possible to simultaneously love people under our roof, those in our backyard, and people on the other side of the world? Perhaps the answer is found in an attempt to grasp how God sees people and loves people.

FCA Missions, Photos by Robert Madrid, rmadridphoto.com, Faces God Loves
FCA Missions, Photos by Robert Madrid, rmadridphoto.com

See the way God sees

There’s a story of love behind each of the photos and faces in this article. Joey Potter is the Director of International Missions for FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “It’s not just photos from somewhere on social media, but each one is a friend that I have been blessed to live life with. May we be blessed today to have captured friendship in our life.”

When we look into the eyes of our spouse, children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or the faces in the images on this post. They are the faces God loves. As we watch the local or national news, and thumb through a newspaper or magazine. These are the faces God loves. Our own reflection seen in a mirror. They’re the faces God loves.

Love the way God loves

Faces often reveal the need for love buried under the rubble of ruins. Hunger. Homeless. Broken. Disease. Death. Disasters. War. Wounded. Orphan. Lost.

Sometimes I can’t bear to look into their eyes. It’s too much to handle. My heart breaks with empathy. Compassion knocks on my heart’s door. I’m moved to tears.

But love goes beyond any feeling. It surpasses tears. Love says, do something about it. Maybe you’re in the same dilemma as me. I want to, but I often don’t follow through. Wondering how “do something” looks.

God loves with an everlasting love. It has no beginning or end. It continues in a steady state. It’s unlimited. It’s love in action. If we could see the face of God, it would tell His story; For love’s sake, I sent my very heart. My only son.

FCA Missions, Photos by Robert Madrid, rmadridphoto.com, Faces God Loves
FCA Missions, Photos by Robert Madrid, rmadridphoto.com

Therefore, we follow His example. We sacrifice. We’re moved to action. We help dig people out of the rubble.

Actions that look like love. Pray. Give financial resources. Volunteer skills and time. Get involved. Get our hands dirty. And our feet. Share the good news of the gospel. Go on a mission trip. Support community organizations and ministries. Tear down the walls of racial tension. See past skin color. God created only one race—the human race. Make a difference in the lives of people—in our personal world and the world at large. Encourage our churches to lead the way of love in our backyard and around the globe.

Love whispers, Look at these faces. Gaze into their eyes. They’re the faces God loves. 

Credits and Information

All photos by Robert Madrid who was on each of the FCA missions they represent. Visit his site at rmadridphoto.com

Learn more: FCA International Mission Trips

Listen to Love Everywhere series podcast

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