The Bond of Love

But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.
Colossians 3:14 NKJV

All bonds are breakable—with the exception of one.

Love is the natural bond between humanity and God. Christ’s perfection is the unbreakable tie that connects us to God forever. The weight of having to be perfect has been removed from our shoulders through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We are now approved in Christ. Love

As a pastor, I see people deal with various burdens. One is fear, and that fear is a fruit of torment—a torment derived from seeking approval from people or God. People fear rejection, so they don’t reach out to achieve their dreams and aspirations. God wants us to achieve greatness, and He has provided an unbreakable bond to Himself to help us achieve it.

Christ is the unbreakable bond. He died for our sins, and when we believe in Him, it creates an indestructible link between us and God. His love is the mortar to the structure as well as the foundation of a great building. We are bound to His perfection and will never again be tossed around by our weaknesses. The bond we have through Christ is eternal and unblemished.

Putting on love requires receiving the love of God through Christ. We are loved by the Lord, and His mercies eclipse our problems. His love is an endless sea of forgiveness that has yet to be explored. The depths of His love have not been fully tested. When we find His love, we find His mercies. By believing in His power, we are transformed into new people and bound to His perfection. His identity becomes ours.

If you are struggling to find worth or merit, the answer involves understanding the bond you have with perfection. Your actions won’t always measure up, but through God’s love you are connected to His perfection.

Put on love and envision the connection you have to perfection through God’s love.

Josh Clevenger

Josh Clevenger is a husband, father, pastor, evangelist, and writer. He has authored multiple books, and writes encouraging devotionals for his local paper. His ministry began by planting a new church in his hometown which further inspired his writing to encourage a broken and weary people. Josh’s desire is to inspire thoughts and bring the individual closer to Christ.

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