The Mystery of Fireflies and Faithful Friends

Fireflies and faithful friends? Don’t you love them? We watch and wait for them every summer. For me, fireflies and friends go together like barbeques, campfires, and boat rides around winding lakes that never seem

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With All His Heart

A love of a lifetime… I remember the vow my husband and I made to love each other until, when old and gray, death would part us. It wasn’t something I’d ever dwell on. Death

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Heaven or Hell

Today I’d like to pose a question. Where do you live? No, I’m not talking about your address, town, state or even country. The question I’m asking has to do with your spiritual address. Let me be a little more specific.

Are you living in Hell or in Heaven?

Bear with me while I give you some background on why I’m asking such an unusual question. I recently heard a statement that I can’t get out of mind. It’s stayed with me, influencing the way I view things. Tighten your seatbelt, I predict it may shake your world a bit, too.

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