Freedom forecaster

When we yoke ourselves to the Bridegroom Jesus Christ, He brings freedom in every area—extinguishing Satan’s traps, and teaching us to lean into the divine love and peace He intends for us to live in. He has reserved His best for His Bride. There is no lackluster with Him. His plans for you, His Bride, exceed any good plan we could imagine.

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Tears for Freedom

As we move away from the Birthday of our nation and all the fireworks and cookouts, may we not only remember and thank the men and women — like my father-in-law — for what they gave for our freedom, but Jesus Christ for what He gave for our ultimate freedom.

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Break Time

Red Moon

I was walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot when three individuals stepped out of their separate cars. They unknowingly fell into step with each other and headed toward the entrance. I watched in amazement as

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