Simple Ways to Remember Christ this December


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Everybody is rushing this time of year.  Last Friday, we had an outpatient surgery, a basketball game, a piano recital, and a choir rehearsal all in one day.  Whew!  Sometimes December leaves us longing for simplicity.
We all need simple ways to help us reflect on Jesus during the December days.  As we go about the weeks before Christmas, let’s take time to worship Christ in our spirits – and take opportunities to share Him with others.

Simple Ways

Some simple things that help me experience Jesus in the midst of a busy December . . .

  1. Make sure and start every day with the Lord– with some prayer and Bible meditation.  I often remember Johnny Hunt’s words, “If you give your time to the Redeemer, He will redeem your time.”
  2. I love Christmas music, as does my family. However, in the midst of the “fun” holiday music, I keep a CD or two in my car or computer of Christmas music that says a lot about the Lord. For my personal tastes and wiring, no Christmas music helps me worship Jesus any more than the classical kind.  I keep CD’s handy of The Robert Shaw Chorale and the St. Olaf Choir.  They bless me greatly  as they sing classic Christmas carols about the Lord – His redemption, incarnation, birth, holiness, etc.  My tastes may not be yours – but find something that helps your spirit worship Jesus – even in the midst of holiday rush.  Today I was listening to BEAUTIFUL STAR by The Centurymen.  And my two newest additions to our Christmas music collection are Christmas with The Pops by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and The Most Fabulous Classical Christmas Album Ever!
  3. I keep some easy reading handy – on my desk, in my bathroom, in my backpack, in our den. By easy reading I mean Christian writing that is not too elaborate.  I have a few simple books by Max Lucado, Jack Hayford, and others that contain simple meditations that can be read in 2-5 minutes.  I read one this morning over breakfast on Jesus being the Bread of Life, and my mind and spirit have meditated on it all morning as I have been doing other things.  One of my favorites is Come . . . and Behold Him! by Pastor Jack   Hayford.
  4. It always helps me in December, after everyone has gone to bed, to sit down by the lit tree  for just a few minutes and “be still and know that [He] is God.”  A few quiet moments to reflect, give Him thanks, and perhaps read a few Scriptures.
Used by permission from Pixabay

Perhaps these simple things may help you, in the midst of the holiday rush, to connect with Christ.  It is as we connect with Him that we have something to share with others.


Rhett Wilson

Dr. Rhett Wilson, Sr., is the Senior Writer for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rhett, a freelance writer and editor, also pastored churches and taught Bible at a university. The Wilsons like playing board games, exploring waterfalls, and they look forward to March Madness every year. For Fun, Rhett reads legal thrillers, watches adventure movies, and listens to country music. Access his website at and his blog at

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  1. Thank you for sharing the simple things we can do to keep Christ forefront in our lives during December and everyday. I love the simplicity of them. Definitely something I can incorporate into my daily life.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I like to turn my tree lights on in the morning when it’s still dark and the kids are still asleep and enjoy spending time with God in the peace and quiet.

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