Showing Up is Half the Battle

By April White

In life, showing up is half the battle.

I pulled into the parking lot of my small but efficient fitness facility open 24/7. As I stepped out of the car, an exasperated sigh escaped my lungs.  I muttered to myself “showing up is half the battle.”

I really didn’t want to be at the gym that day. I didn’t feel like working out or breaking a sweat. I wanted to crawl back into bed. Yet, here I was once again showing up at the gym.

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The red light continued to glow when I swiped my keycard across the electronic lock. Odd, the door did not open. I tried it again to no avail. I knew the bill was paid and I almost used the locked door as an excuse to leave. Then the manager, let me in and corrected the issue with my card. While I peddled on the stationary bike, I pondered how in life, showing up IS half the battle.

In life, showing up is half the battle. Showing up takes discipline.  This notion applies to our exercise routine, job, spending quality time with our family, and carving out time to read and meditate God’s word.

I wonder how our lives would look if we fought the battle within and showed up ready to walk the goodness waiting for us on the other side. If we disciplined ourselves to live intentionally, we might find our relationships improving, joy restored to our lives, a unified marriage, and our clothes fitting looser.

April Dawn White

April White is a pharmacist who dispenses spiritual medicine for a healthy soul. She is quick to say she doesn't have it all together but relies on the One who does. Drag your chair next to April's red chair and allow hope and encouragement to infuse your heart. April has a BS degree in biology from James Madison University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University. Email April or visit her at

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  1. Thanks, April. That’s great encouragement with a little kick in the pants. Ha! You’re so right. If we just show up, we might be surprised to see what God will do. Imagine if that little boy with the few fish and loaves hadn’t shown up. Jesus would’ve still fed the masses using someone else’s food, but that little boy would’ve missed out on a story I bet he’s still telling! (But I really don’t want to show up at the gym! UGH!)

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