Send a Bible to an orphan this Christmas

Imagine if your child never heard the name of
Jesus …Send God’s Word to
an orphaned child
Orphan with a bible

Send a Bible to an orphan this Christmas

Dear Reader,

Hurting little ones are hungry to hear about Jesus and read about him in the pages of their very own Children’s Bible. You can help rush Bibles to poor orphans around the world just in time for Christmas when you join our 2011 Bibles For Orphans Campaign with your gift now.

Follow the Bibles around the world as our teams bring them to orphanages in India, Romania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Bolivia. Our team will be posting updates about their journey on the Bibles For Orphans blog. You can also join us on Facebook for additional updates.

And, for the first time ever, American Bible Society will offer a Christmas Day webcast of our Children’s Bible distribution. As a supporter of this amazing Christmas outreach, you will be given access to this private webcast via the Internet so you can watch the precious faces of these young boys and girls light up with excitement as they receive their very own Children’s Bible — which your gift helped provide. Be sure to check the site Christmas Day!

Gratefully Yours,
Lamar Vest
Lamar Vest
President, American Bible Society

Help Send Bibles to Orphans Around The World

$200 Donation
will help deliver
40 Children’s Bibles
$100 Donation
will help deliver
20 Children’s Bibles
$50 Donation
will help deliver
10 Children’s Bibles
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In the event that funds are raised in excess of this need, they will be used to help provide God’s Word
where the need is also great.

American Bible Society is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.