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Pat Patterson

Pat is a writer, a paramedic, and a medical educator. Married to Kim for 40 years, he's also the proud father of two sons and grandfather of six. Although mostly retired now, he teaches and consults part-time, working with his hands when he can and seeking to lead a quiet life. (I Thes. 4:11) But Pat's true passion is writing, crafting tales inspired by his experiences – gritty, colorful, and rife with adventure and anguish, yet always carrying a moral that leads to a Gospel truth. He's walked the waters, ventured into the woods, and been on the streets, cradling the dying in his arms, grappling with enough grief to darken any man's soul. By God's grace, he emerged from the darkness and found a new light. Pat was once asked, "Why do you write?" His answer was straightforward: "I’m a writer. And an old friend once told me, writers write. So, I write." Pat has authored several books, including Answering the Call, a devotional collection, and two novels, Paramedic Killer and Tested by Fire.

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