Baby Quilts and New Goals

Raise your hand if you love babies. Raise your hand if you love baby quilts. My hand is raised. I love them both.

Gray Quilt Block


My dining room table is covered with tiny pieces of gray and white fabric. I am making a baby quilt. Although I love the process, I long to see the finished result.

There is something about making a baby quilt and starting a new year that reminds me of life as a Christian.


  • Sometimes God asks us to continue in a similar project, or work, or ministry, or neighborhood, or [insert where you are at this moment].
  • Sometimes God gives us a new thing to do.
  • God always gives us guidance. He never expects us to just jump into something alone. We have guidance from the Holy Spirit when we commit a work to Him. We have a pattern book – the Bible. We also have counsel from those who have walked the path before us – other Christians.
  • God allows our imperfect efforts to help in His work. He doesn’t have to do that. Certainly He could accomplish His goals without people.

There is one more connection.

Any beautiful work does not happen overnight. 

I’m thinking about the baby quilt again. Each block is a tiny part of the project. Each little step requires attention, care, and perseverance.

By adding each block to the project, it grows and becomes more beautiful and useful.

It’s just like that in our work for God. Each day we add a little more to the work He has given us. Each day it becomes more beautiful and useful to ourselves and to those around us.

What is the beautiful work that God has given you? What steps will you take each day to reach the goal that He has set before you?


Carol McAdams Moore

Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the general and Christian markets. Her debut tween devos: Dare U 2 Open This Book – draw it, write it, dare 2 live it – 90 devotions and Just Sayin’ – write ‘em, draw ‘em, hide ‘em in your heart – 90 devotions released in September 2014.

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