Perverted Truth

“Father, eliminate the dark places of my life and make the rough places smooth.” Isaiah 42:16

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By: Cindy M. Jones


I was four the first time I was molested.  My attempts to expose it to my parents were ignored.  By ten, I realized no one wanted to know the truth.  My concept of truth became perverted along with my confidence in others.

My family was active in church and highly respected.  By all appearances we seemed normal.  There was great care in creating that illusion.  During a youth camp in 1979, I made a profession of faith.  Years later, I realized it was another attempt of fitting in and appearing normal.

My spiritual understanding underwent a different type of abuse.  Although we attended church, we immersed ourselves in horoscopes, palm readings, and many other occult practices.  Truth and untruths were muddled.  I treated religion as a mask for my sufferings.


After my father died, I had many questions.  I asked my pastor how could a loving God could allow it.  His remarks that God had nothing to do with it, left me bewildered.  God appeared limited.  The lure and deception of the occult that promised power enticed me.  I no longer respected my body nor my spiritual well being.  Blinded by the lust for power over my circumstances, I donned another mask.

When my mother remarried, life became unbearable under the abusive hands of my stepfather.  No longer able to live under the burdens of his abuse or my mother’s denial of it, I decided death would be better than life.  My plans of suicide were foiled when I came face to face with my savior, Jesus.

He unveiled all of the masks that I had been wearing, exposed all my wrong thinking, and allowed truth to prevail.  He brought his light into my life illuminating his word.  I falsely believed I had no one to go to, but the truth was Jesus’ arms were wide open and I  ran straight into them.

God granted me enough healing in my body and spirit to forgive all of those who had caused so much pain in my life and move on to the destiny He created me for.

Whatever past you’re running from, abuse, neglect, rejection, the finishing line can be the same for you as for all other Christians, the arms of Jesus. We don’t all start our lives on a level playing ground, but we all can end up with the same beautiful destiny. Jesus is waiting to heal you, love you, and give you a life full of joy and purpose. All you have to do is take the first step toward Him, His arms are wide open. Yes, even for you.

Especially for you.



Cindy Jones has been married to her knight in shinning armor, Bryan, for twenty plus years enjoying their three children, Daniel, Nathan, and Amber.   Following move #23, she has become an active freelance writer and co-founder of Cahaba Christian Writers, a group for novice and professional writers near Birmingham, Alabama.


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