One Word for 2013 – Making Life Changes

If you could select one word for 2013, what would that word be? One thing to focus on. One thing to improve. One thing to overcome. One thing…

I started participating in the My One Word campaign last year. In December, I prayed for God to give me that word. I didn’t want to pick it myself. I knew if I did, I would set myself up for failure, because I can do nothing of my own strength. I wanted the word to be God’s word for me. With Jesus, I can overcome and do all things He requires of me.

That word was Multiply. In 2012, I witnessed God’s abundance as He caused increase in my editing business, gave my husband the first raise he’s received in four years, and brought a degree of maturity in my thirteen-year-old son.

My One Word for 2013 is Everything. I will make Jesus the focus of everything in my life: in my marriage, my parenting, my work, my ministry. It all belongs to Him, and He will be the focus. I will not make a decision or act on anything until I’ve considered what Jesus would do. I will not speak before considering if Jesus would say that or say it in that tone. Jesus will be my Everything this year.

In that, I find myself pregnant with anticipation. I realize that in doing this, ORDER will find its way into my daily life and routine. In that order, God will be PREPARING me for the next season of my life and the lives of my husband and children. For our future. I cannot wait to see what God does in 2013!

So, what is your One Word for 2013? Have you considered it? Have you prayed for one? Wondering where to begin?

My One Word is a challenge to ditch the long list of resolutions you wish to make for the New Year and focus in on one word that describes what you truly want to change in 2013. When we pare it down to one word, clarity follows. Let that word focus on your character and create a vision for your future. For more information about My One Word, you can pick up a copy of the newly-released book by Mike Ashcroft and Rachel Olsen.

Pirate Preacher

The Pirate Preacher is the Communications Director at Christ' Church at Moore Square. On Monday nights he leads a "Jesus Study" in Moore Square. Each Sunday between 12:30 and 2:00 the Pirate Preacher and others, gather in the park to hand out food, water, and other items that add to the abundant life Jesus promised. He's also is an award-winning author of middle-grade, YA, and adult fiction and a writing coach and instructor.

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  1. Mike ashcraft was my Pastor for 5 years in Wilmington! If you can find it, look for an archive Oneword video I did at Port City Community Church called ‘Condition” My word for 2013 is Reward as in He rewards those who earnestly seek him. Great Post. Happy New Year!

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