New Life in Jesus


New life? What does that mean, exactly?

Many times, when we think of new life, we think of a newborn baby. Perhaps we think of plants sprouting from the ground in spring. Or maybe, buds on a tree after winter, baby birds, and baby animals. Each of these is an example of new life.

One definition from says:

If you start a new life, you move to another place or country, or change your career, usually to try and recover from an unpleasant experience.

For the Christian, new life begins when we come to Christ and become part of God’s eternal family.

As the old gospel song says, “This world is not my home. I’m just a passing through. My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue.” We have a new heavenly address. After all, Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for us in his Father’s house.

Whatever our earthly career, we also become fishers of men.

The Fruit of the Spirit Paul talks about in Galatians 5 is proof of that new life in us. Some of the characteristics which demonstrate new life in Christ are humility, obedience, honesty, love, loyalty, forgiveness, and truth.

New life is a beginning. A starting point. A baby continues growing after birth. A plant continues growing after pushing through the ground. A bird continues growing after tumbling from its shell.

Those of us who are Christ-followers continue growing more like Jesus until he calls us home to live with him.

Sometimes we forget that. We get comfortable where we are, doing what we do. Change and growth require effort. They can also require sacrifice. That can make us uncomfortable. Better to stick with the status quo.

There are many ways to build on our foundation in Christ and keep growing.

Paul talks about that aman reading Bible lot. In 1 Corinthians, he says we can build using a variety of materials: gold, silver, jewels, wood, hay, or straw.

The Three Pigs learned a lesson about building their home out of straw.

The foolish man learned a lesson about building on sinking sand.

Neither of those materials will sustain us when the winds of storms and trials blow against us.

However, the gold of truth found in the Bible, the silver of loving service, and the jewels of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ are the things we build with. Those are the things that demonstrate growth in a new life lived well for the Lord.

I wish you well.

Sandy Kirby Quandt

Sandy Kirby Quandt is a follower of Jesus with a passion for history and travel. Passions that often weave their way into her stories and articles. She writes articles, devotions, and stories for adult and children publications both print and online. Her devotions appear in So God Made a Dog, Let the Earth Rejoice, and Short and Sweet Too. Sandy has won multiple awards for her writing, including several years in the Young Adult category of the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. Looking for words of encouragement or gluten-free recipes? Then check out her blog at

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