Mr. Wonderful by Sherry Boykin

Let me tell you about my Mr. Wonderful: incredible, intelligent, indwelled, and interested in me! His ministry as a Christian counselor honed his feminine understanding skills so much that I envied him myself. And it didn’t hurt that he flashed a big, Pepperdent-white grin and raced around in a red sports car.

Mutual friends introduced us after he saw my picture at their house and asked about me. We got acquainted by phone five months before he drove from the Southeast to the Midwest to join me for a weekend singles’ retreat.

Mr. Wonderful and I hit it off at the retreat, and soon afterwards, a plane ticket arrived in the mail, along with an invite to spend Thanksgiving with MW and his family. I packed twelve outfits for four days and got my hair freeze-curled so tightly that my Sharpie got stuck in it when I tapped the side of my head. I had to sleep upside down with my head hanging off the bed to keep my coif from losing its “natural” symmetry—the perfect formula for optimal cuteness.

MW’s family, the southern Huxtables, were a dream, but something happened during Thanksgiving dinner. While I rejoiced that no one plopped a chitlin’ on my plate, MW became increasingly quiet and withdrawn. Each time I asked what was wrong he interrupted with, “Uh, well, um…guess I’ll explain later.”

The strange behavior continued through the weekend until my Sunday afternoon flight. We agreed to go two weeks without contacting each other so MW could grow enough courage to speak his mind.

The two weeks ended on my birthday and MW called. Thirty seconds into the “Um, well. . .” routine he confessed, “I really like you, but I’ve always seen myself going out with someone . . . pretty.”

I sat there, a live volcano ready to spew out its lava. I rumbled and shook before a single word came forth. Then I erupted and burned MW with molten words so fiery no amount of water would ever quench them.

I hung up.

I cried.

And when I looked in the mirror, I saw ugly. When I looked past the glare in a store window, I saw ugly. Why? Because MW had declared me to be so.

I took all the mirrors out of my apartment, removed all the bright lights, and lived in darkness for three whole years.

Then the real Mr. Wonderful went to battle for my heart—not the MW who shattered me, but the One who pursued me, piece by piece, to make me whole again. Since I refused to look in the mirror, He caused me to see my true reflection in His word.

Psalm 139:14,“…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” was on the radio whenever I listened. It was preached from the pulpit on more Sundays than seemed reasonable, and it was part of virtually every testimony I heard at that time.

Little by little, the lights came on again. I replaced the mirrors and scotch-taped that verse to every one of them. I did the same for the walls, the doors, the dashboard of my car, and my desk at work. …I am fearfully and wonderfully made…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Even on days I had no desire to do so, I forced myself to look in the mirror and recite that verse over and over again, until the Lord eventually renewed my soul with it, just like silver polish dissolves tarnish and a little scrubbing wipes it away.

I was beautiful because the real Mr. Wonderful, who had eyes to see what no man could see, had declared me to be so.

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Bio: Sherry Boykin is a Christian women’s conference speaker and writer who lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband and six-year-old daughter. She enjoys a good movie, a good book, a good laugh, and the dimple on her little girl’s right cheek. Follow her at


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Vonda is a speaker, writer, and motivational humorist who is thankful God can take her messes and use them for His glory. She's the author of four books, owner of The Christian Writer's Den blog, and founder of Christian Communicators, an organization to help educate, validate, and launch women in their speaking ministries. Vonda and her husband have been married all their lives--and they're still happy about it!

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  1. Sherry, thank you for allowing me to sharing your powerful story. I only wish everyone could hear it in person, especially young women who are often devastated by words such as you experienced. But praise God, you overcame them through the power of His Word!

    Life-affirming and life-changing!

  2. What a moving story. So sorry for what you suffered–so glad God overrode the lie you were believing. You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. And your smile lights up the room.

  3. Bravo Sherry!!! This story is touching, humorous in places, tear-jerking in other spots but altogether inspiring. I love it and I love you and you are one B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L lady!!!! Inside AND out!!!

  4. I am so glad and proud of you for writing and posting this Sherry! Thank you for reminding us all that the words of our Mr Wonderful in heaven offer more life, healing, and power than anything on earth. I love my CCC roommate!

  5. God made us in His own image! In His eyes we are the most beautiful of all creation. Thank you for sharing your story Sherry. I pray that all women will receive this wonderful revelation of God’s love, and how passionately He loves each and every one.

  6. WOW Sherry! Beautifully written by a beautiful lady! How sad I am you had to go through that experience, but so I’m grateful He spoke to you and showed you His truth about you! Thank you for sharing your soul.

  7. Sherry, thanks for sharing this story. We know nothing comes to us that God doesn’t allow, and He knew you would find healing in Him and courage to share. So many have a similair experience. You’re beautiful and so is your storytellling. I’m a fellow CCCer, hope we will meet in person someday.

  8. Sherry,


    You. What you wrote. How you wrote it.

    So glad you met the true Mr. Wonderful, and are letting HIS view of your beauty affect your vision of yourself. I love you dear friend. So glad to know you, “Ms. Wonderful.” And you truly are!!

  9. Oh, Sherry, what a beautiful testimony to God’s ever present love. Thank you for sharing. God is using your story to reach others, and that’s what it’s all about, now, isn’t it?

  10. What a heartbreaking and most incredible story. And I have to say it’s funny…I’ve never seen your photo, and when I was imagining you from your story, you were a tiny white woman with short, dark curly hair. Then I got to the end of the article and saw your photo, and I immediately realized that Mr. Wonderful must have been blind. Or just crazy. You are obviously beautiful inside and out! (BTW, I was a graduate of CCC the second year they offered it, but I haven’t been too active in the loop lately. I need to introduce myself, work has just been so busy I haven’t taken the time.)

    God Bless You for sharing your story!

  11. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet your story takes us well beyond the surface to the “wonderful” truth of God’s Word…We are, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for sharing your story – so relevant for women everyday.

  12. This piece is powerful by a positively lovely lady.
    Having met you and seen your beautiful smile, I would have never guessed the lie that scared your spirit. However, the Lord brought the truth from the man He had for you.
    Thank you for sharing your story. It glorifies God and encourages us all.
    Shine on, beautiful friend.

  13. Just thought I’d let y’all know that for some reason, Sherry’s other 11 replies didn’t come through! But at least she saw them.

    Thank you for your encouragement for Sherry!

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