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At what age did you get your first camera? Was it a gift or a purchase?

I remember having a camera when I was young. I am sure I asked for it as a birthday present. The camera that started my passion for photography was a Minolta I got before my first child was born. I loved that camera and constantly took photos.

What inspired you to begin taking pictures?

What started as a means to capture personal and family photos has turned into a passion to capture the beauty in God’s nature.

Why do you love photography?

I feel close to the Lord when I am taking pictures in the nature He created. Jesus is behind all that I do as a photographer. I know I am not comparable to Him and His deity in any way, but I feel the Lord reveals Himself to me through nature, and He allows me to see through His eyes.  Photography allows me to capture the images He’s revealed to me and share them with others. Hopefully as people look at my photos, they will draw them closer to Him and help them see through His eyes.

What is your favorite part of photography?

My favorite part of photography is taking nature completely in and capturing it in a photo. Photography is a passion of mine that dwells deep within me. I can’t really explain it in words. It is part of my being. I love the chase of getting the perfect shot. Birds are by far the biggest challenge for me because they don’t stay in one place for very long. I also love the little details the Lord shows me as I am editing the photos, such as the heart on a ladybug or a frog.

What type of photography do you do? (I.e. nature, wedding, family)

I mainly do nature photography. My passion and joy are to photograph flowers and birds, but I basically love anything that has to do with nature.

What is your dream photography job?

My dream photography job would be to travel the world taking nature photos. I would love to go on an African safari to take photos. I would be in heaven if I could take photos of zebras, lions, gazelles and giraffes. I would also like to go to the other end of the world and take photos of animals like seals, penguins and polar bears.

What is the best advice you’ve received concerning photography?

You have to take a lot of photos to get the perfect shot. Sometimes I take ten to eighty photos of the same bird from different angles in order to get the best results. I love photography for this reason!

Do you have a routine for taking photographs?

I pray before I photograph, and I ask the Lord to allow me to see through His eyes and to show me or bring me what He wants me to photograph. God produces the image; I just try to capture it. I could tell you incredible stories of how the Lord has answered my prayers over and over as I photograph His nature.

What is one piece of inspiration you could share with our readers concerning photography?

Photography is a neat way to experience God through nature. I encourage you to pick up your camera, get outside, then pray and ask the Lord to allow you to see through His eyes. You never know what will happen. He is constantly showing me His sense of humor and how awesome He is.

Judy Royal Glenn is working on publishing her photography book, Seeing Through God’s Eyes: The Beauty in God’s Nature. She has also written a book about her mother, who passed away after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

Judy has a master’s degree in Physical Education and Health. She taught Physical Education for nineteen years and coached volleyball and tennis. She also owned and managed a gourmet cookie and ice cream shop until it closed in 2012.

You can find Judy’s photography and writing at the following sites: Seeing Through God’s Eyes and Walk By Faith: Questions Concerning Death

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