Lost & Found

Diane Virginia

It’s a mother’s nightmare for their child to go missing, and a feeling I never want to experience again.



Matt was four, Danielle was six, and we were at the mall’s pet store. A clerk placed a puppy in my hands, which I coddled, showed my daughter, and then turned around to show to my son. But in those few seconds, he had slipped away. It happened so fast.

The store clerks offered to check the back room, with no result.

My son was gone.

“Maybe he went to the gaming center.”

“But he was only four.”

I knew he must be very frightened.

Holding back panic, I called to every passerby, showing them a photo, “Have you seen this four-year-old boy?”

Heads shook, “No.”

A father-mother-daughter team offered to help. The daughter searched the mall on foot, running first towards the security booth, carrying with her the photo I’d been sharing. Meanwhile, the father and mother checked the restrooms and parking lot, and being Christians, they offered to pray, which I gladly accepted.

Twenty grueling minutes later, the daughter came back saying she’d located my son, and as soon as he went through security checks, they’d bring him to me.

After what felt like an eternity, the security guard brought Matt, holding a stuffed puppy, tears streaming down his face. We could not embrace him enough! We wept aloud! Even the family who’d helped us find my son cried.

I asked my son to tell his story. He had been looking at the puppies playing in the window display, which I assume led him to the outside window since it was enclosed with glass on three sides. When he lost sight of me, he started to run. The farther away he got, the faster he ran.

Although this incident took less than an hour to resolve, it is etched in our memories forever.  

So when they saw Him [Jesus], they were amazed; and His mother said to Him, ‘Son, why have You done this to us? Look, Your father and I have sought You anxiously.” And He said to them, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”

Luke 2:48-49 NKJV

Luke tells of Joseph and Mary losing their Son. By this time, Jesus was interested in learning the Torah, and stayed behind, assuming His mother and adoptive dad would know where He was. Days later, when His parents found Him, He told them He was ready to do His heavenly Father’s business.

Jesus Christ, even at the tender age of twelve, related to how devastating it is to be spiritually lost, and He was determined to carry out His mission to die to pay sin’s price and to rise again victoriously over death, Hell, and the grave. He was not concerned about His own comfort—rather, He accepted His responsibility to save us.


Jesus Christ understands the lost soul’s need to be found.

Oh, what a Savior! Jesus proved His compassion when He called the despised and outcast tax collector, Zacchaeus, saying He would eat with him: “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10 NKJV). Jesus told the parable of the shepherd who searched for a single lost sheep even though he had ninety-nine who were not lost. He restored the woman caught in adultery, healed the blind, embraced the leper, and so much more.

Friend, as we celebrate Christmas, let’s consider the cost of the Savior’s love. Jesus Christ came as a babe, felt humanity’s pain, and offered us the greatest gift: soul salvation. Let your mission be to help others discover that they don’t have to be lost. They can be found in Him.

Have you recently told the greatest lost-found story of all times?

Heavenly Father, use me to tell my Savior’s story–that lost souls may be found.


Diane Virginia

Diane Virginia (Cunio) is the founder/director of VineWords: Devotions and More, the co-editor/co-compiler of Love-Knots: Stories of Faith, Family, and Friendships (VineWords Publishing), and the author of The Kiss of Peace: A Contemporary Exploration into Song of Solomon (Mount Zion Ridge Press).

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