Living In The Moment

“Live in the moment.” I heard others talk about living inthe moment and I’ve been searching within to see if I do indeed live in the moment and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t.


Sometimes I live in the past that’s wallpapered in remorse, guilt, failure, disappointment, as well as missed opportunities. This is NOT a healthy place to be. Yes, I can LEARN from the past but I don’t need to LIVE in the past. So much of today will be missed.


Most of the time I live in the future chasing after dreams, the what if’s, and what can I do next. I won’t finish one thing before I’m looking for the next thing. Again, this is NOT a healthy place to be. Yes, I can PLAN for the future, but I don’t need to LIVE in the future. So much of today will be missed.


I need to live in the moment — today — where I am right now. This moment needs to be enjoyed, embraced, captured, shared, and consumed . . . for it will be gone, never to return again.  The past helps me realize where I have failed before and the future holds my plans, but I need to live today.

Where are you living? 
Search within to see if you are living in the moment. 
LEARN from your past, 
PLAN for your future, 
LIVE in the moment!

Beth Fortune

Beth has a passion for God's Word. Through her writing and speaking she allows the heartbeat of the Father to flow through her words. As an award-winning writer she’s a contributing writer with Christian Devotions and has had stories published in two "Chicken Soup For the Soul Book" Series in addition to other anthologies. Some of her articles have been published in Focus on Family’s "Thriving Family" magazine and Dr. Charles Stanley’s "In Touch" magazine. With a degree in Ornamental Horticulture she loves gardening and enjoys giving gardening talks to churches, schools, and community groups but her real enjoyment comes from sharing God's truths and encouraging others. She and her husband live in Mauldin, SC where they are in a season of caregiving for her father-in-law in the home. A diffiult season, but one in which God continues to show His grace. You can visit her at

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