Let Go and Let God

God can meet us anytime and anywhere. This week He met me on Recycle Road and taught me the valuable lesson of letting go.

I droveLoading dock with caution along the back country roads to our local landfill, careful to prevent the yard debris from flying out of the truck. I smiled as I approached Recycle Road, a perfect road name for the local landfill.

I drove upon the industrial metal scales as the number 5,480 flashed on the digital display. A thought churned in my mind. The attended asked my name, address, and what I needed to unload.  I followed her instructions to the loading dock and proceeded to yank and pull at the mass of limbs.  Finally, with a mighty tug, the pile of jangled branches slid and crashed to the ground. Eventually my yard trash will be recycled into mulch. Wiping the sweat from my brow, I leaned against the truck, relieved to have unloaded this burden. My mind churned.

Three days earlier, our family worked in the yard, pruning shrubs and collecting branches dislocated from a recent storm. It would be days before either my husband or I would have the time to make the eighteen mile trek to the landfill.  The truck full of branches became an eyesore. Inwardly I groaned every time I spotted the truck and branches. I knew it needed to be emptied, but because of the landfill’s restricted hours, it would have to wait until I had a day off.

While waiting in line again for my exit weight, I glanced at my side mirror and peered at the various vehicles filed behind me. A pick-up truck hauling a trailer, a mini-van, and a diesel Mack truck each with a recent burden to unloaded. The light turned green and I once again, drove onto the metal scales. This time the digital display flashed the number 5,400. The  attendant smiled as she announced, “Mrs. White you’ve lost eighty pounds.”

I climbed down from the truck to retrieve my receipt. I’ve only seen the attendant a few times and our conversation has always been typical pleasantries. But today, I said to her, “You know God reminded me of something while I was here today. I drove in loaded down with yard debris. You indicated where to unload my stuff and now I’m leaving empty Truck line Inspire A Fire Sept 2015handed. God reminded me I need to leave my burdens with Him. So many times I come to Him with a heavy heart.  I lay my burdens down before Him, only to pick them right back up again. But today God used the signs for Recycle Road, the loading dock, and the digital display to remind me to let go and let God handle my burdens.” She wiped away tears and whispered “I needed to hear that today.”

Unlike the landfill with restricted hours, God’s Throne of Grace in open 24/7. He doesn’t have a weight limit to what He will accept. Trust is the cost of letting go. Are we willing trust a Sovereign Lord with our burdens?  Do we trust that He can recycle our mess into something of value to ourselves or others? The various vehicles each carried different burdens to unload. We each carry different burdens.  God is always willing to accept and recycle our burdens. We only need to humbly come before Him and cast our cares on Him because he cares for us.


April Dawn White

April White is a pharmacist who dispenses spiritual medicine for a healthy soul. She is quick to say she doesn't have it all together but relies on the One who does. Drag your chair next to April's red chair and allow hope and encouragement to infuse your heart. April has a BS degree in biology from James Madison University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Shenandoah University. Email April or visit her at www.AprilDawnWhite.com

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  1. I love the fact that God not only takes our burdens, but He uses them for good. I never thought of Him as being the ultimate recycler!

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the comment. Another area God spoke to me was how much of an eye sore the stuff in the truck was until I unloaded it. The same is true for burdens and even sin in our life until we finally trust God to let it go!

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