Jonah Had His Nineveh And So Do We

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Jonah had his Nineveh and so do we. Talk about conquering the seemingly unconquerable.

God told Jonah to preach repentance to the people in the capital city of Nineveh. A people known for their barbaric behavior and total disregard for the ways of righteousness.

We’ve heard the story of Jonah and his outright refusal to take God’s message to the Assyrians in the terrifying capital city of Nineveh. Who could blame him? Jonah knew what the Assyrians did to people they didn’t like. Especially people who were Israelites and followed the One True God. It wasn’t pleasant. Or pretty.

wooden shipWe know Jonah ran away, boarded a ship, was tossed overboard, and swallowed by a large fish. While in the belly of the fish, Jonah prayed.

In response, God answered. The fish spit Jonah out on dry land. After that, Jonah proceeded to Nineveh as God originally told him to do.

When the Ninevites repented, Jonah pouted. He didn’t want God’s mercy and grace to fall on them. He didn’t want their hard hearts to soften. At the core of all of Jonah’s protests, he wanted to be proven right: that the Ninevites would not repent.

But Jonah wasn’t right. From the king down to the animals, everyone fasted. Repentance filled the land. God showed compassion and turned from his fierce anger.

Jonah had his Nineveh and so do we.

God still calls his people to go to Nineveh. He calls us to go to places or people we don’t always feel alleyway at nightcomfortable around.

Those who are not like us.

Those who may be a little rough around the edges.

The ones who come from a different background than ours.

Sometimes we run. Sometimes we go where he sends.

If we want to see hearts softened and changed for God, then we need to say yes to his call.

We need to say, “Where you lead me, God, I will follow. Where you send me, I will go.” However, putting feet to those words requires something more than words. It requires action.

boy poutingIt also means we don’t respond like Jonah, pout when hearts are changed, and complain because God is a gracious and compassionate God who is slow to anger and abounding in love.

A God who relents from sending calamity on those whom we, in our self-righteousness, believe deserve calamity.

Since God used a man who a large fish vomited out onto the sand to soften Nineveh’s hard hearts, don’t you think he can use us to do the same thing?

Jonah had his Nineveh and so do we.

What’s your Nineveh? What do you feel God is calling you to conquer that seems unconquerable? Instead of running from it, run towards it in God’s strength and power.

I wish you well.

Sandy Kirby Quandt

Sandy Kirby Quandt is a follower of Jesus with a passion for history and travel. Passions that often weave their way into her stories and articles. She writes articles, devotions, and stories for adult and children publications. She is a regular contributor to Guideposts devotional books, as well as a conference speaker. Sandy has won multiple awards for her writing, including several years in the Young Adult category of the Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition. However, her greatest honor came when she received the Right Stuff Award at Space Camp for Educators. Looking for words of encouragement or gluten-free recipes? Then check out her blog at

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