It’s time to forgive yourself.

Every day we forgive people for one thing or another.

Maybe they bumped into you and caused you to spill your coffee. Perhaps they filed the wrong paperwork and you got chewed out by the boss. Or maybe they said something that hurt you deeply.

Every day, every time, we forgive. It’s never easy, but we know it’s what we’re called to do.

So, tell me, have you forgiven yourself for what you said to your sister ten years ago?

Have you forgiven yourself for your college GPA, the job you didn’t get, the offer you didn’t take, that mistake you made five years ago?

Probably not.

It’s funny. In school they teach us we’re supposed to ‘treat others as yourself’ but if I followed that rule I’m not sure the other person would be very happy. I guess it’s not funny. Sad, really.

There are days when I tear myself down so far I can’t get back up. I hold thin

gs over my own head that I wouldn’t dare hold over others. Things I’ve done or haven’t done. Stupid things I’ve said. One insult after another I throw at myself.

Do you do the same?

You try to treat others well. Love them, take care of them, forgive them.

So why can’t you do the same for yourself?

This holiday season is a season of change, new beginnings. It’s a time to reflect on our past and move peacefully and joyfully into the future. So let’s consider this post your Christmas gift from me…

It’s time for you to move forward. It’s time to stop beating yourself up over things you can’t change

and things you could’ve. 

It’s time to forgive yourself.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made. You were created for a purpose, destined for greatness. You are loved beyond measure and highly favorited by the most high God.

You. Are. Enough.

It’s time for you to believe that.

Jenni Beaver

Jenni is a twenty-something storyteller from the Sunshine State. When she's not writing a novel or screenplay, she's editing a video or film for the business she co-owns with her mom. She loves animals and has SIX pets! Everyday she tries to stay positive, inspired, and caffeinated.

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