How to Inspire a Fire in a Cold World, Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash
How to Inspire a Fire in a Cold World, Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It’s a cold world out there.

In my neck of the woods, a blanket of frigid temperatures paid another visit. So, I’m chilled to the bone.

And not being a winter girl, warm and balmy conditions remain my top pick.

For me, wintertime consists of warm blankets, hot chocolate, hoodies, and fuzzy socks. These comfy-cozy friends become my BFF’s in cold weather…in a cold world.

Warm or Cold?

At church, we sometimes play the game, Would You Rather. Participants must pick one choice between two. Choices presented are often both good or bad, yet there’s no straddling the fence. Would you rather be warm or cold? 

You see, when it comes to preferring temperatures in the 90’s or 2 degrees Fahrenheit, with windchill under 0, I pick 90 degrees every time.

My husband? Not so much. Mike and I battle in the thermostat war—they say opposites attract. Normally cold, I crank up the heat pump. Hot natured, Mike likes the inside air set on 65 or lower. Even cooler during the summer.

Stay Warm in a Cold World

But in winter and cold conditions, my number one goal remains to stay warm.

And my two beloved dogs take after their female owner and mama. Yours truly. Venturing outside with Sadie and Big-T for doggy business, shows how actions speak louder than barks.

I watch as short-legged dogs attempt trotting higher than feasible to escape snow and ice. Outdoor trips where they once lingered for play time end in a matter of moments. Yet, my fingers and toes are forever grateful.

Dog-whisperer doesn’t appear on my resume. Yet, I know the message my dogs send. Brrr. Hurry, let’s get back inside to our beds for a long winter’s nap.

Oh, yes, dogs after my own heart.

Cold Winds Stir

As cold winds stir outside my window, my heart often stirs with the cold world we live in…the cold parts of life.

How to Inspire a Fire in a Cold World, Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

It chills me to the bone. Why? Because we live in bone-chilling days, my friends. Hearts turned cold toward our fellow man.

We see a lack of kindness and love—downright hate for our neighbors—across the globe.

Even social media showcases this frosty display.

And what’s worse? Human hearts turn bone-chilling and indifferent toward their Creator.

Perhaps all of heaven hopes our cold world turns warm and soon.

Warm or Cold-hearted

You see, a worldview has set in bringing an icy, cold-hearted assault on the family unit, the sanctity of marriage, and Christian beliefs.

A full blown cultural war has arrived in everyone’s neck of the woods.

While warm, fuzzy feelings never define the Christian’s journey, gone are the days we expect it. So what’s a believer to do?

It’s one thing to keep our bodies warm in wintry conditions. Yet, it’s another thing to keep warm spirits—our hearts warm to the gospel and God’s love—among shivery conditions in a cold, cold world.

In Matthew 24, Jesus discusses signs of the end time. His description includes troubled times and people: deceptions about God, wars and rumors of wars, nations rising against nations, earthquakes, famine, and many sorrows.

“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” (verse 12, NKJV)

Kindled Love and Warm Hearts

I don’t know about you, but I intend to protect my heart from growing cold. The world continues on a troubled path. Yet we hold the choice to continue on God’s path where Christ remains our top pick.

And when it comes to spiritual matters, I cease to befriend comfy-and-cozy attitudes. Instead, I pray to inspire a fire of warmth and godliness over the family unit, marriage God’s way, biblical principals, and the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

How to Inspire a Fire in a Cold World, Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Featured photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash.

Top photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Bottom photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

What about you? As cold winds stir, what are ways you desire to inspire a fire in our culture?

Karen Friday

Whether the spoken or written word, Karen thrives in moving an audience to experience laughter, tears, surprise, and deep reflection. She not only possesses an affection for words (just ask her family), but she also cherishes God’s Word. Karen is an award-winning writer who has published both devotions and articles with a mission to know Jesus more and make Him known. She contributes to several national sites while she works on her first non-fiction book. In the blogging world, she is referred to as “Girl Friday” where she shares a central message: you are never far from hope. And she considers her life as a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader a sacred calling. Karen and her husband Mike reside in East Tennessee and have two grown children and two grandchildren. The entire family is fond of the expression, “TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday.” They owe Monday an apology. Connect with her blog community, Hope is Among Us.

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  1. Warming our hearts and souls and kindling our love as we draw close to Jesus is the only real hope we have in this increasingly chaotic, busy, distracted, self-interested world. As you suggest – it is like drawing close to a bonfire on a dark night. Jesus is where we will find the light and the warmth to guide us through the darkness. Thanks for the article.

  2. Like how you worded this, Anne. “Jesus is where we find the light and the warmth to guide us through the darkness.” That’s good. Christ is the hope we cling to. And not only for real love and truth and light, but also for the warmth of His presence and work in our hearts and lives.

    Thanks for commenting.

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