I Will Not Be A Fearmonger

I Will Not Be A Fearmonger.I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are a lot of things that provoke fear these days. From wars and sicknesses to making mistakes and facing unforeseeable events—our lives are constantly under attack. And I’m not talking about from the Zika Virus.

Our combatant is fear.

I get it, the unknown is scary. But sometimes even scarier enemies are ones that are so familiar, we let them walk right in the front door. For me that’s fear. I’ve fought fear my whole life and I can’t afford to welcome it in with open arms—not for any reason.

I still remember one such fear-attack when I was about 7 months pregnant with my son. I was going about my own business, doing things like prepping diapers and organizing the nursery when I realized yet again that this is really happening. In a matter of weeks, I’d have a son to take care of outside of my body. Outside. Where all sorts of dangerous stuff could happen. Where I’m bound to mess up and get tired and overwhelmed.


Right there.

In moments like that I extend fear an invitation because I give fear a voice and pay attention to what he says.

Questioning the what-if’s. Allowing my mind to wander in unsafe places. I’ll justify my actions as “being informed” or “getting ready,” but fear leaves little room for practical actions like prayer or research, much less right perspective. Instead, I find myself stressed, distracted, and discouraged.

But not any more. I refuse to be a fearmonger. That’s not the full life of faith God has available to me. And it’s definitely not His plan for you either.

Fearmonger: the act of deliberately arousing fear or alarm about a particular issue

Monger: denoting a dealer or trader in a specific commodity; a person who promotes a specified activity, situation, or feeling, esp. one that is undesirable or discreditable

Maybe the events that welcome fear into your home are different for you than they are for me.

Stress about an upcoming government election or other current events.

Relational insecurities.

Concern with repeating past mistakes.

Please hear me, I’m not advocating ignorance or denial. More than functional awareness of the bad, let’s live in awareness of God. Let’s choose to promote His creditable character and actions in our own hearts.

His perfect love drives out fear (1 John 4:18).

We have not received a life in bondage to fear (Romans 8:15).

He will never leave us so we may walk in boldness not fear (Hebrews 13:5-6).

The Lord has made everything with a purpose (Proverbs 16:4).

God is King of all. (Psalm 22:28)

I Will Not Be A Fearmonger.In times of worship I’ll sing with whole-hearted gusto, asking the Lord to take me where my trust is without borders. Living according to that proclamation necessitates I live without constantly being afraid.

So I’m pledging not to be a fearmonger. I will promote faith in my own heart. Trust and belief will come out of my mouth, even if that means speaking Scripture out loud, instructing my heart to receive the words I say.

Though scary circumstances abound, they will not take hold of my life. I will take hold of Christ.

This post is adapted from an original article shared on thejenweaver.com.

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Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver is a communicator and storyteller, both in the written word and as a conference speaker and church teacher. Married to her best friend Jared, and proud momma to an adorable son, she’s passionate about sharing strength with those who feel stifled. You can find her blogging about faith, marriage, and motherhood at thejenweaver.com and her latest book, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness releases March 2017. You can also find her on social media as @thejenweaver.

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