I Got a New Attitude

A new year has some folks thinking of new beginnings, especially with New Year’s resolutions. I’ll start a new diet, learn a new language, cultivate a new relationship, maybe move to a new country. The hope is that a new “something” will make everything better.

I’ve tried that. Many times. And failed.

  • Every new diet has ended with me gaining all the weight back, plus more, so I end up heavier than before.
  • Trying a new language lasts only until I realize that I have no one in my life who speaks that language, so I have no one to talk to. What a waste of time!
  • My last “relationship” was so distorted, it should’ve stopped long before it started. And I have no regrets that it ended and no desire to find a new one.
  • As for moving to a new country, that was never on my radar. I love being near family too much to leave!

So what kind of new beginning would be worth pursuing?

How about a change in attitude? This was a BIG one for me.

As many folks know, I haven’t had the easiest life, starting with an abusive, overbearing father who was impossible to please, even when I did what he asked. And things haven’t gotten much easier for me since then. I’ve faced so many trials, some folks have called me Mrs. Job. Others labeled me a Weeble®, you know, those little dolls that “wobble, but they don’t fall down.”

Fortunately, through all that, I discovered a quote by Chuck Swindoll that changed my attitude. And my life. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

In other words, I can choose how I react to something. I don’t have to remain a victim or let someone else’s bad mood spread to me.

Lack of sleep doesn’t “make” me grumpy. I choose to be grumpy or happy.

A loss of relationship doesn’t “make” me bitter. I can choose otherwise.

A positive attitude is a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute choice, but it can change your life and the attitudes and lives of those around you.

So if you want a really new beginning this year, start right now. How are you feeling? Are you harboring resentment or anger that you can let go of? You’re only hurting yourself by holding on to that negative attitude, so change and give yourself that new beginning you were hoping 2021 would bring.

Then, tomorrow morning, before you get out of bed, think about all the things you have to be thankful for and smile at those thoughts. Before you know it, you have a positive attitude to start your day and help you face whatever tomorrow brings.

Try a positive attitude for a real change. Then you can sing along with Patti LaBelle, “I got a new attitude.” I bet you’ll like it, even if you can’t sing!

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